Web Design Jargon You Need To Know

Whether you are already a pro at web design or this is your first attempt at it, there is definitely some web design jargon you should be familiar with. Once you understand the most common web design jargon you’ll be one step ahead of the competition – so let’s get started.

ASP – stands for active server pages technology and it’s from Microsoft. It’s used to create dynamic web pages in your web design.

Blog – most of you are likely already familiar with this diary-like web design that displays to the public the information on a particular topic you’ve written on.

Browser – Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera are all popular browsers by which your web design in the form of a website will be viewed.

Domain Name – this is the name you’ve chosen for your site and it’s what identifies your site to the search engines. Your web design should include your domain name.

Flash – Is used to create animation in your web design and although very catchy it’s important to realize that it is not to search engine friendly.

Hits – This is the number of times your site has been visited. With good web design, your numbers are likely to go up.

Home Page – This is the first page that loads fro your website. Your web design should make your home page someone of an introduction to your company.

HTML – Is one of the simpler languages that you can use for your web design.

JavaScript – is a client-side scripting language used for form validation, in your web design.

Key phrase – Your web design needs to include keywords and key phrases to help you get ranked with the search engines.

Meta Tags – These are a special HTML tag that doesn’t actually show on the front end of your web design, but is seen by the search engines on the back end.

Site Map – Is an important page in your web design providing links to all the pages within your website.

Template – Is like a skeleton for your web design, which you will in with your personal content. It will help you build a website quicker.

Web Content – Is what the visitor sees when they visit your web site, and it is your web design that will determine this.

These are just a handful of the web design jargon out there. But it’s enough to get you started, and at least sounding like you know what your doing even if you are still stumbling through things.

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Web Design -There’s More To Your Site

We hear so much about how important web design is to your site. You might be surprised to learn that there’s more to your site than just the web design. Many designers would like you to believe that all you need is a pretty web design to achieve success online. Although web design is certainly part of the equation, it’s not all of it.

No one would argue that when customers arrive on your site your web design needs to make sure that they like what they see, after all, it is your storefront. However, you do have to ask yourself a few other questions.

1. How am I going to keep my customer’s attention and thus keep them on my site? There’s no question that good web design will help you accomplish this. However, it goes a little deeper. You are going to have to have either information or product that engages the visitor and makes them want to stay.

2. What brings customers to my site? You might have put together a good web design but you also need to consider what it is that would bring customers to your site, to begin with. It isn’t just your web design. Traffic comes to your site through the search engines and you need to know what they are searching for when they land on your site.

3. You need to learn how your customers navigate your site. Start with simple navigation on your web design and then once you understand your visitors’ patterns you can change your web design if you need to so it accommodates your customer better.

4. Can people easily contact me via email? Did your web design include a simple form for customers to quickly contact you? Does your web design also include your phone number and other necessary contact information? Working this into your web design requires only the addition of another page.

5. Do you need a checkout on your site? If yes, then your web design will need to incorporate it. That also means your web design will need to ensure your checkout is secure. Don’t try to build your own checkout. Rather invest in one of the many choices on the market.

Remember your web design needs to work not only for your site visitors but also for the search engines. So when working on your web design keep this in mind.

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When you have a business that provides online purchases you need reliable software for online shopping carts. Online shopping carts software is not just a payment service, it also provides the host with productive tools to get your business running. Some of the tools offered by online shopping carts software are web page design, inventory control, shipping, and marketing. This makes choosing the right online shopping carts software a big part of what your business needs to be successful. The top three top online shopping carts software out now are Volusion, Shopify and Shopping Car Elite Pro.


Volusion software improved online shopping carts with its large feature set, reasonably priced plans, and excellent customer service. This online shopping carts software has an easy to use design granting users the ability to easily configure templates, wording logos and many more. You can use an unlimited amount of photos for each product and a zoom feature that makes this online shopping carts software top of the line. Online shopping carts are mostly focused on customer service and that’s where Volusion comes in, allowing customers to look through manuals and FAQs on online shopping carts with videos about products.

Volusion online shopping carts software has special features for inventory controls including orders, product categories, bulk product editing, customer accounts, designs, settings, reports, inventory and marketing for all your online shopping carts needs. These online shopping carts features also have features within them making it very complex but yet easy to use. There are also big security features included for your online shopping carts. Volusion is PCI certified and includes a fraud feature that identifies fraudulent behavior within your online shopping carts.


This online shopping carts software is known for being clear and offering some of the best help. One feature Shopify is known for in online shopping carts is its smart pricing scheme and charges the customer on a per-transaction basis. It is completely customizable giving users full control to their online shopping carts without it being confusing. Shopify can create a scale for your business as their store grows from its online shopping carts sales. Their support seems to be state of the art as a three-tiered system consisting of community, support, and gurus. This gives webmasters the power to always fix their online shopping carts in no time.

Just like Volusion, this online shopping carts software allows users to upload products by bulk, minimizing the time spent on this task. Some other main features of this online shopping carts software include backorders handling, partial shipments, automated invoices, and control to centralize products from different store locations. Like most online shopping carts software, it uses SSL to allow orders and transactions process safely with built-in cookies.

Shopping Cart Elite Pro

The other online shopping carts software is a little bit different. Shopping Cart Elite Pro online shopping carts software gives unique features like SEO tools, cross channel marketing, and analytic reporting. This online shopping carts tool is more likely used when a business is just starting because of its quick website template setup. You can easily customize a website using different headers, banners, and colors, making this not just your typical online shopping carts software. Also just like the other online shopping carts software Shopping Cart Elite Pro has built-in customer data manager and customized marking tools.

The Shopping Cart Elite Pro online shopping carts software has an inventory control that comes with a management system that keeps track of customer information as well as the business financial information. The online shopping carts system also includes back end office for the business including tools for managing returns, inventory, and warehousing for the online shopping carts. Built-in SSL and proxy firewall for all the websites that detect any suspicious activities makes it a safe online shopping carts software. Online shopping carts software also has built-in tools that can monitor employees computers.

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Content Management System

Content management system also CMS refers to the computer system application used in the creation, editing, management as well as publishing of content in an organized fashion. Other functions of CMS include storage of documents, articles, publications, news as well as industry related articles. It also controls and versions documents in an organized manner. Examples of content organized by CMS include audio files, visual files, Web content, graphics, electronic documents as well as computer files. Application supported by content management system includes identification of key users in addition to their content managerial roles. It also boosts the ability to assign various roles as well as responsibilities to diverse content categories. It also defines workflow tasks ideal for teamwork creation. This is often associated with messaging to alert content managers in case changes are made to the content. Content managers receive edited content with slight changes.

Other applications supported by a content management system include tracking and managing numerous content versions. It also enhances content capture through scanning. It also enhances the separation of semantic components in content and layers from content layouts. An example of this function is the ability of CMS to set and change color as well as fonts automatically. This is mainly on data in the form of text. A content management system is categorized into three domains; these include Enterprise CMS, Web CMS as well as Component CMS. Enterprise CMS concentrate on documents and contents related to an enterprise organization. The objective of this domain is the management of an organization’s formless data content depending on its location in addition to its format.  It helps one in the management of a firm or company’s documents.

The objective of the web content management system domain is simplifying the process of web content publishing. Also known as WCM, it allows creators of publications to submit their articles to sites without difficulty. With this domain in place, one requires no HTML or other technical knowledge when uploading publications. This domain is very important in the creation of blog pages because writers feed their views regarding a certain issue. Marketing websites need Web CMS domain to enable consumers to post their needs, complains as well as views on products and services. Web content management system domain has played a big role in social sites, where people communicate via chat or writing texts without necessarily understanding the technical requirements. Another domain includes the Component CMS domain also abbreviated as CCM. This domain specializes in the management of data content within documents.

It is very useful in publishing work because it manages any organizational requirements.  Through this domain, publishers are able to create or assemble publications from re-usable content sections. Contrary to ECM and WCM domains, CCM manages ordered or organized content. Upon organization, documents are transferred to WCM as well as ECM systems. Applications enhanced by content management system include web designing, search engine optimization, website hosting as well as email targeting. Creation of intranets, as well as extranets, requires CMS applications for productivity management. E-commerce applications rely on a content management system to manage, organize and publish relevant data.

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Search Engine Optimization

Did you know that the success of your web design is dependent upon search engine optimization? Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the lifeline for any website; it will direct traffic to your site and increase your sales. By investing in Search Engine Optimization, Jatech will become the heart of your website’s success. Search Engine Optimization is proven to be the most effective way to market your business on the internet today.

To put it simply, search engine optimization is the most powerful marketing tool for your web design on the internet. When your web design has undergone search engine optimization, you can rest easy knowing that everyone looking for your product will end up at your web site through search engine optimization.

It has become well known for site owners that search engines are the main source of traffic for websites and we will not be exaggerating if we say that about 90% of the traffic is coming from search engines. There is a reality every webmaster should be sure about, that the search engine results are not shown in random order – it is controlled by many factors, and search engine optimization is making your web site compatible with those factors so your web site is in the top spots in search engines for your keywords.

Targeted Traffic: If we ask you what kind of traffic that you prefer for your site is it the traffic that is coming from advertising in irrelative sites or the traffic that is brought by a search engine for somebody searching for your products?? The statistics show that for the first case (random traffic) the conversion rate is 1 sale per 100 visitors unlikely for the targeted traffic it shows a conversion rate as high as 1 sale per 10 visitors, so still confused about if you need search engine optimization for your site or not???

Pay Per Click: When you do a search on Google, you will see “Sponsored Links” on the top and in the right-hand column. These are “Pay Per Click” ads and when you click on one of the ads, the site owner has to pay the Search Engine a fee. This fee can be over $10 per click! Also, there is “Pay Per Click Fraud”. This is when a competitor clicks on your ad repeatedly with no intention of doing business with you to use up your advertising budget. This is why search engine optimization is preferred over PPC.

Natural Search Engine Optimization: Anyone can pay to be on the top of the Search Engines but you have to have a quality site with quality content to be at the top in the “Natural or Organic” results. This is what we specialize in.

We have the search engine optimization solution! Our Packages include search engine optimization, and we are dedicated to getting the job done when it comes to search engine optimization and here is what we do with our search engine optimization:


  • Comprehensive Research your keywords to ensure you are using the best ones for your site.
  • Optimize pages on your site for these keywords.
  • Submit to over 200 other high traffic search engines and directories.
  • Install a link exchange system in your site and add high-quality links
  • Publish articles about your products and services to over 500,000 web sites.
  • And much more!


Every variable is taken into account when we deal with search engine optimization. Don’t let just any web site solutions provider tell you they can give you search engine optimization. Look for proof in their web site’s search engine optimization. Jatech uses the same search engine optimization for its website as it gives its clients. If you came here through a search engine, you just proved our search engine optimization works!

Why do we only submit to the 200+ search engines and directories?

Since the top 15 search engines give you 90% of the traffic, and the next 200+ give you another 7%, it makes sense to concentrate and optimize efforts on these 200+ for your web site. Also, how your site fares on these Search Engines have an effect on the larger Search Engines.

Results – We guarantee results with our search engine optimization!

With search engine optimization you can’t go wrong. Having your site near the top of Google (among other top directories) would do nothing but positive things for your business. Search Engine Optimization can do this for you. When you invest in Search Engine Optimization you will get nothing but results and more potential clients coming to your site. At Jatech our Search Engine Optimization specialists won’t be happy until they see your site at the top of a search engine.

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E-Commerce Web Sites

What are e-commerce shopping carts?

Online business continues to boom worldwide and online/e-commerce shopping carts continues to be the proven method of electronic vending through your web design worldwide. Our e-commerce shopping carts provide companies with the means to a profitable online storefront with online shopping carts where you can list your products with titles, description, images, and prices with buy now button.

What choices do I have for e-commerce shopping carts?

Jatech offers two online shopping carts: Standard e-commerce shopping carts and deluxe e-commerce shopping carts. Both online shopping carts are rich in both features and modularity. All our packages for online shopping carts come with complete documentation, both online and in Adobe PDF format.

What is the difference between standard e-commerce shopping carts and deluxe e-commerce shopping carts?

Click here to see which of our packages will suit your needs pertaining to online shopping carts.

What if I’m confused by all the features of e-commerce shopping carts?

Jatech sales reps are fully knowledgeable in online shopping carts and will work with your company to ensure your online shopping carts are customized to meet your e-commerce needs.

Are e-commerce shopping carts secure?

Our online shopping carts use trusted payment gateways, which are hacker proof online shopping carts and keep your clients’ transactions secure and confidential. The e-commerce shopping carts have trusted names like PayPal, Authorize.net, and Psigate as just a few of the payment gateways we provide for our online shopping carts.

Do you offer promotion services for my online store?

In Jatech we always accompany the customer tell he target his goals in getting a profitable web site, after your store online and ready to start sales we are ready to offer our promotional services lime Fax Advertising, Search engine optimization including Froogle listing for your products.

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OsCommerce solutions are being used by businesses all over the world. Companies and small operations that want to get on the Internet to sell goods and services are progressively finding that OsCommerce solutions deliver the desired results without breaking the bank. The quickest, easiest and most functional way to get your business up and running on the internet is through OsCommerce solutions.

While OsCommerce solutions packages do not necessarily offer all the frills of a professionally programmed and tailored E-commerce setup, but they do provide the basics a company needs to get involved in the online selling game and build a web presence. It is not always practical for an emerging online business to spend a huge amount of money on a fancy programmed E-commerce site, OsCommerce solutions are the affordable answer to this predicament.

OsCommerce Solutions That Matter

OsCommerce solutions web design delivers just about everything a person needs to sell online through their web site. The basic OsCommerce solutions package that makes many choose the free route include:

Catalog setups. OsCommerce solutions deliver the ability to showcase products and services to buyers all over the world. The catalog templates provided through OsCommerce solutions are simple to tailor and fairly easy to launch.

Shopping cart features. OsCommerce solution allows customers to browse products and even buy them online.

Payment options. An OsCommerce solution will extend a helping hand, therefore, helping companies collect payment for services and products ordered. OsCommerce solutions include such payment options as Pay Nova and PayPal.

Shipping support. OsCommerce solutions are even designed to help companies expedite shipping and ensure the right prices are charged.

Tax features. OsCommerce solutions even extend to helping businesses charge and collect the right taxes to meet regulations.

Administration. When an OsCommerce solution is put into place, company owners will shortly discover that they do, in fact, come with all the tools necessary to run an E-commerce website from behind the scenes.

OsCommerce solutions are not necessarily right for every business. Companies that benefit from OsCommerce solutions, often find this type of software solution delivers on everything needed to establish a functional and lucrative online presence without having to pay “an arm and a leg”.

OsCommerce solutions are a great starting point for any small to mid-size business that wants to get online quickly, easily and inexpensively. Visit Jatech.ca for all your OsCommerce solutions, we have been developing websites for well over a decade and customized OsCommerce solutions are something we pride ourselves at doing right the first time.

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OsCommerce Solutions Are Cost Effective

All kind of businesses is have been enjoying the advantages of OsCommerce Solutions. Companies and small operations that want to get on the Internet to sell goods and services are progressively finding that OsCommerce solutions deliver the desired results without breaking the bank.

While OsCommerce solutions packages don’t necessarily offer all the frills of a professionally programmed and tailored commerce setup, they do provide the tools necessary for a company to get involved in online selling and begin building a significant web presence.

OsCommerce Solutions That Matter

OsCommerce solutions deliver just about everything a person needs to sell online through their web design. The basic OsCommerce solutions package that makes many choose this free route include:

· Catalog setups. OsCommerce solutions easily provide the ability to showcase products and services to buyers all over the world. The catalog templates provided with OsCommerce solutions are simple to customize to suit your needs and are easy to launch.

· Shopping cart features. OsCommerce solutions provide easy operate shopping carts that have a well built front end.

· Payment options. An OsCommerce solution will help companies to easily collect payment from customers. OsCommerce solutions on this front include such payment options as Pay Nova and PayPal.

· Shipping support. OsCommerce solutions are even designed to help companies expedite shipping and ensure the right prices are charged.

· Tax features. OsCommerce solutions even extend to helping businesses charge and collect the right taxes to meet regulations.

· Administration. When an OsCommerce solution is put into place, company owners will shortly discover that they do, in fact, come with all the tools necessary to run an e-commerce website from behind the scenes.

OsCommerce solutions are not necessarily right for every business. Companies that benefit from OsCommerce solutions, however, often find this type of software solution delivers on everything needed to establish a functional and lucrative online presence.

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Professional Web Design Gets You Noticed!

Professional Web design is about creating a state of the art web designs that turn traffic into clients. The right professional web design is about the right colors, navigation, and a strong objective. To keep visitors on your website and keep them interested you must have a professional web design. Professional web design is what exchanges art into money. Do not get me wrong, professional web design does not mean to have an overwhelming website. Even a very simple website could have a professional web design, it just depends on what features, functionality, and themes that are being incorporated in the professional web design. Basically, designing things in a way to keep it simple and make it easy for your customers to use is what professional web design is all about.

If you have a state of the art marketing idea and you want it to succeed you must go with professional web design to make your idea fly off the ground. Professional web design has mostly to do with the front end of a website because at the end of the day that’s what the users see when visiting a professional web design. How do you do that? You use cutting-edge and high-quality design techniques to capture the views attention. One way to ensure a professional web design is used correctly is to use web content management systems where you can update your professional web design with ease, and everything that has been pre-coded by a professional web design specialist.

Now, although most professional web design is the front-end of a website, professional web design is also used on the back-end. Professional web design also has to do with making the website have faster loading times and more efficient graphics. There are also fewer inconsistencies across browsers when having a professional web design established. When you have a professional web design, Google will be able to search for most of the content on your website helping you get traffic. These are all aspects of professional web design that relate to back-end programming of a website.

When your business is truly original then your website should follow fulfill the originality. Professional web design can do just that for you and more. Professional web design will help your website stand out from the crowd and customize it to its fullest. If you are looking to starting up a website, you should go with professional web design or you might not even get noticed. Professional web design gives you the latest software and hardware to maximize a website to its fullest.

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Web Design

First impressions last forever. Customers see your company through your website, so its web design must look professional. if your web design site isn’t professional, visitors will assume that your company isn’t professional. With the web design experience of our staff, we can create a professional web design for you.

Brochure Web Design

A brochure web site, or informational site, is a web site designed to displays information about the person or company that owns the web site. A brochure web design does not sell products online, and is ideal for a Doctor or Lawyer for example.

Ecommerce Websites

E-commerce websites are kinds of web design setup to sell products online using a database driven shopping cart. Customers can use a credit card to pay you for an item they wish to purchase, which is the most common payment method of e-commerce websites.

Internet Marketing

The life blood of your web design is your visitors. The website design is important, but the way to boost traffic is Internet Marketing. Jatech has a Search Engine Optimization service, which has been very successful for many web site designs. With our burning desire to succeed and a track record that proves our Internet Marketing ability with a diligent multi-pronged approach we guarantee our work and your results. Contact a Jatech Representative for more info about our Internet Marketing strategies.

Custom Built Web Site

Our custom built web site brings the flexibility necessary to fit your business. Over the years, JSI has designed and built various custom web sites for many different companies. A custom built web site ranges from smaller specialty sites to huge online portals for books, music, etc. Ask our comprehensive quote for your project. Our experience will be your advantage.

Web Design Tutorials & Tips

Jatech is your number one resource for all sorts of information, tips, tutorials and pointers on web design and search engine optimization.

Color Your Layout

In web design, color scheme means as much to you and your visitors as your content, code or URL. The color of your web design is what will either attract your visitors or repel them, and you need to give this importance accordingly.

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