Can you be a marketing consultant without a degree?

Employers are looking for candidates with a bachelor's degree in programs such as marketing, communications, or business. It is sometimes possible to get marketing consulting positions without a degree, but this usually requires several years of impressive experience in marketing-related positions. If the idea of providing information and advice to companies seems like a promising career, becoming a business consultant might be a good fit for you. Does this position require a degree? Not always.

While it can help you fill some traditional marketing positions, a degree is becoming less and less relevant as companies look for new, engaged, and motivated people to lead their marketing campaigns. Getting a marketing job without a degree can be more challenging than with a degree, but with the right technical and social skills, you can enter the industry. If you're a business owner or have led marketing initiatives for a family business, for example, a title won't necessarily stop you from having opportunities. I've tried PPC, social media marketing, and content marketing in the span of a year, and ended up settling on SEO, adds Chin.

Marketing has become a rapidly changing, digital-centric industry, and the growing number of interdisciplinary roles, opportunities for self-education and their rapid pace make marketing more accessible today than ever. There are multiple areas of consulting that also include growth strategies, operations, finance, information technology and human resources. In addition, consultants are excellent communicators and use real-world data to support their objective observations and decisions. For people who want to enter the world of marketing without a four-year degree, there are specific skills that employers look for when hiring, and there are plenty of opportunities for you to learn about the field and demonstrate your knowledge and skills.

Approaching other consultants can also be lucrative, as many of them often outsource their work. Then send them a list of things you can take care of in the first X months for that company, reports Blake Smith of Blake Smith Consulting. These resources can help you learn the basics, become familiar with the most popular marketing platforms, and demonstrate your willingness and ability to learn to your potential future employers. Of course, your goal is to become a well-paid consultant one day, but when you start and create your client list, consider working for free.

Fundamentally, a digital marketing consultant can offer unbiased advice and solutions to drive the success of a brand's marketing activities. Independent marketing consultants are responsible for customer outreach programs, advertising campaigns, and other growth-related initiatives that help the company achieve its existing sales, new customer and customer retention goals. You can take introductory classes at a local university and work to add specific certifications to your consulting field. If you're hoping to work in a content-heavy position, as a marketing copywriter or content specialist, you'll probably need to write for multiple clients, attract different target audiences, and maintain different voices.

Becoming a successful consultant (or any business owner) is about becoming the best known in your particular field or specialty.