What You Should Know About Web Design

If you are interesting in trying to make money on the internet, you will have to learn about web design. Web design is practically required for practically every type of online business these days and not having knowledge of web design can be a serious handicap. While there are web design companies that can take care of this for you, you should at least get a fair knowledge of the basics first. Let's take a look at some of the basic principals of web design.

Getting a Domain and Hosting

Even when you hire a company to take care of web design for you, you're probably going to want to handle picking out your own domain name. A domain name is simply something like superfunnycats.com. Pay special attention to the type of domain you get; a '.com' domain will be worth the most if you ever try to sell it.

When it comes to hosting for web design there are plenty of different companies to choose from. Web hosting for web design is where your site will be stored and determine how you access various features such as traffic reports, add-ons, and more. The type of hosting you choose for your web design should be geared towards the type of business you're running. If you're a single entrepreneur running a small business regular hosting should be fine. If you're a larger business looking to have an online presence you may want to get special business hosting so you have additional security and other features available to your web design project. Depending on your business, you will have needs unique to your web design, make sure the web design company you choose can meet those needs.



Good Site Design is Good SEO

Thanks to Google's Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, traditional search engine optimization has taken something of a back seat to the overall quality of your web design project. Both you and your web design team should understand this. The first rule of modern web design is building a site that people will enjoy, spend time on, and come back to repeatedly.

A good layout for a web design project is uncluttered, simple yet professional looking, using only graphics that are relevant to the site's content. Unnecessary images, banners, and advertisements are huge no-nos when it comes to web design. Not only are unnecessary images distracting, they also increase load times for your web design. Having a site that loads quickly is an important part of web design.

Going Mobile

There is more to web design these days than just building a site and hoping for the best. Modern web design dictates that you must take into account how your potential visitors will be accessing the website. Your web design team should make sure that your site is fully optimized for every platform which people will use to access it. For example, your web design team should test your site on desktop, laptop, phone, and tablet devices to see that it displays correctly.

Failing to take mobile devices into account when building your web design strategy can have a major negative impact on your total visitor count and sales. A good web design team will make sure that your site is fully optimized for each platform, prioritizing those that most of your visitors will be using. This makes demographics data a very important aspect of web design.