Web Design: Color Your World

Your web  design color scheme means as much to you and your visitors as your content, code or URL. The color of your web site design is what will either attract your visitors or drive them away, so you definitely need to give this topic some importance. Different colored web designs have different appeal across a wide variety of demographics.

The first thing you need to do is decide is who you wish to appeal to or who is your audience or target demo graph? If your web design is appealing to a corporate demographic, your web design should be clean cut, with white and light colors. If your web design is appealing to a teenager to young adult, a colorful, bright, busy web design will be more attractive to them.

Once you have a main color you want to use, make sure to use similar colors in your web design to keep consistency and to keep things uniform. For example, if you are using a color like blue, stick to “cold” colors such as different shaded blues, purples, or greens within your web design. Likewise a color like red is well suited with other “hot” colors, such as other shades of red, orange or yellow.

Making an attractive web design takes time and patience, and you may not always be happy with the first web design that you've created. However, you need to keep trying and keep these tips in the back of your mind while creating your own unique web site design. Use these tips to help you carefully craft your web design to ensure you impress you target audience. Web design isn't as hard as you might think, and like anything else in life, practice makes perfect.

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