Web Design Tips You Need To Know

Today, a business needs a website as much as it needs customers. Thanks to the internet, websites have enabled businesses to reach more customers both current and new. To ensure that a website works for a business, there are web design standards that need to be incorporated. The reason for this is that online users utilize search engines in order to search for information. For your website to be ranked in the first page, you need to incorporate the following professional web design tips.

Intuitive navigation
As a web designer, use an intuitive navigation system. This will allow users to move from one page to another with ease. For example, if you have pictures or related content, you can direct users by inserting links in the content and pictures.
Have headers and menus that allow users to move from one section to another. When you incorporate confusing layouts, visitors will spend time trying to figure out how to traverse the pages. This will make browsing your site difficult so visitors will opt for another website instead.

Polished and professional logo
Your logo speaks more about your brand than any other content. You need to have a professionally designed logo that allows visitors to know what your business is about. You can find professional web design logo makers on the internet who are ready to provide their services at a fee.
Once you have the logo, you need to incorporate it in the pages. Link the logo to the home page of the website. This is a good rule of thumb in web design.

Relevant and engaging content
When online visitors are browsing the internet, they are looking for information. Not just any information, but content that is relevant and engaging. For example if one has an emergency sewer problem, the first place they will look is on the internet. Online users will utilize keywords to search on search engines. Results provided will direct the user to the right website. This allows them to get the information they need that is contacts, information about your business and services.
You can always hire SEO experts to help you develop the best content for your web pages. Doing this will improve conversion rates and lead generation assuring you of revenue.

Eliminate the clutter
Pictures speak a thousand words but there are websites which become visually overloaded. This bombards the brain with a lot of information since one is being confronted with too many options. In order to attract visitors and retain them, eliminate the clutter. This means eliminating a lot of graphics, photographs and animated gifs. Having this draws the eyes of the visitor away from the important parts of the page which is the content.
You can reduce clutter further by limiting the links in the header and footer area. Keep the paragraphs short as it allows the user to scan through the content quickly.

Improve page load times
This is one important factor especially when it comes to attracting and retaining online users. No visitor wants to browse a page that loads very slowly. This is an automatic turn off and it will direct users to other sites.
Slow page load times can be attributed to many server requests, large files, uncompressed images, css and JavaScript files. To server visitors with fast pages, you need to have your images, css and JavaScript files compressed. Using a CDN service will also improve page load times.

Readable fonts
The font used on your website goes hand in hand with the content. If the font is unreadable or in a bright color, it will turn away the visitors. You need to use web fonts that are professional and improve readability of your content.
Today, companies like Google are offering a large collection of fonts to web designers. They are easy to incorporate and they are designed to improve the readability of your content.

Incorporate useful and vital features
Your website is visited by many people even those with eye problems especially those who have long and short sighted problems. This means that reading content on the website can be a challenge. By incorporating features that increases or decreases the size of the font will help users with eye problems.
You can allow users to use keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out of your website.

Use responsive frameworks
According to research, more than 90% of search has originated from mobile devices. This shows that many users are utilize mobile devices in order to browse the internet for information. As a business, it is important to provide the best user experience. Devices come in different resolutions and this means a website needs to provide the best experience regardless of the device.
It is expensive to run both a mobile and a desktop website. Thanks to responsive frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap, professional web design can finally improve your website. This ensures that different devices from tablets, smartphones, laptops and computers can access your access your website.