Web Design Tactics

Web design

In web design, there are various things that you can do to enhance the look, feel and overall functionality of your website over the years.   You can add new custom functionality to your web design or you can work on the overall graphic design of your web design.

One way to work on the graphic design of your web design is to perform a design overhaul once every three to five years which allows your web design to remain fresh and current.  This will also replace any code tags that have been rendered outdated.  Adding new functionality such as JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, etc; is another way to keep your web design fresh and current.  This would also allow you to improve the overall browsing experience of your web design.

Making sure your code is compliant to current web design standards is also another great way to enhance your web design.  The W3C standard is a great benchmark by which to measure your web design to.  The standards are put in place to ensure a great universal code quality.  It also improves the overall experience of your web design for it’s users in terms of accessibility and code quality, making your web design easy and flexible for its users.

Marketing your website is crucial when it comes to web design. Web design marketing is tricky; however, if you do everything by the book, you website will be at the top of the search engine rankings. Also, search engine marketing (SEM) is also another good way to get instant results for your web design marketing.


In the modern age of smart phones and tablets, it has become common programming habit to make a web design viewable on smart phones and tablets.  Your web design has to be responsive, that means it can adjust to various screen sizes without a loss in quality or content of your website. Your web design should also be printable. This means that when someone attempts to print a page off your website, it should provide the information they need in a concise manner through the use of CSS manipulations.

With all of the above, you can be assured that your web design will stay fresh, current and up to date - improving returns on your website and increasing the base of your customers and users.