Web Design in a Highly Competitive Internet

web design today

If you look at the web design of web sites that were built 10 years ago you'll notice that they really look out of date. Today’s’ web designs must be easy to navigate, clean and professional looking. Be very observant of what customers want and what they're going to like. A web design today must be intuitive, not too busy and well laid out. If your website does not look professional people viewing it will assume you are not professional either and that will mean less business.

So the “look and feel" is a first thing that your clients are going to see and therefore is the most important. If they don't like what they see they will continue on to another site. Your web design should not look crowded.  They're must be ample white space. The Menu should be in a familiar place it should be clear as to what products and services you are promoting.  The descriptions should be concise and yet to the point and they should be a more details button if the consumer wishes to see more information.  Of course, images are important and they should be crisp and clear - not blurry. 

Images that are not crisp and clear will definitely not impress a client to purchase an item on your site. If you have a logo you should incorporate this with the site design. The colors of the logo should blend with the colors of the site.

To sum things up your design should be clean, crisp and not seem crowded so to be pleasing to the eye.

The next thing you should consider is functionality. Not only should the functionality of your web design do what you need it to do, but must be intuitive. If the client has to go and try and figure out what to do than the client is going to leave your site, which will of course defeat the purpose of having a website.  It is best to remember the old KISS principle - Keep It Simple Stupid. This is an old sales motto that I learned when I started selling door to door in 1970 and it has always held true. For the Internet user this is very important because if they have difficulty in navigating or understanding your site then they won't stay around a long time.

Check the web design of websites that are selling similar products to see what they are doing. Gather information to create your own clean and professional web design.

17 Years ago when I started in this business, all you had to do was to put some keywords in your meta tags. Today, it is much more complex. Now you have to put the keywords in the Meta tags but also today you must have quality content that is relevant. This is more important than anything - content is king!