Web Design - Home Pages Important? Not Anymore

A lot has changed in the world of web design from the text based web design that started it all, to the huge social media web designs of today. One piece of web design that we never thought would change though is the home page of a web design. Well, we were wrong. It seems that a home page of a web design has almost the same important as any other page. This is a huge change considering a web design home page used to be where all the time was spent. The home page of a web design was, after all, the first page that a person saw when they visited a web design. So how did this web design home page demise begin? Well, it all started with Google.

The home page of your web design is the base of which your web design is created. When making a web design most designers, spend a lot of time designing the home page, whether its the layout, color scheme, catchy graphics, or any other web design component. The actual web design of the home page would include aspects such as menus and linking structure. The finished home page of the web design would then be used as a template for all the other pages within the site. Now, although the home page will still be used as a template for the rest of the web design, not nearly as much effort needs to be put in to the home page to catch the viewers eye because Google will send visitors to the other pages on your site.

So, what is it exactly about Google that has started the demise of the web design home page? Well, its the fact that Google puts every page of your web design in search engine index. Originally when you used a search engine to find a web design on the internet, all of the results that would show would be the home page of the web design. For example, if you searched web design info in the past, you may get a result like http://www.webdesign.com. That has changed and, in the same scenario, looking for a web design with the search term web design info may give you the result http://www.webdesign.com/info. As you can see, the change in the results is that instead of getting the home page of the web design http://www.webdesign.com you will now get another page within that web design. Because of this change that Google has made to allow deep links from web designs, and since the deep links are usually the product or information pages, most of the time a visitor will end up inside a web design without ever seeing the home page.

Another aspect of the changing internet that has contributed to the demise of web design home pages is the RSS feed. An RSS feed for a web design is a family of web feed formats that allows users to receive updates about frequently updated topics, products, services, or news. These feeds give users a way of keeping up to date with the information on a web design, without ever going to that web design; this means the home page as well.

Now, we all know that a home page of a web design is important as the central link to the rest of the pages within a web design, but with these Google techniques and RSS feeds, that is about it. Eventually, according to the trend, a web design homepage will be nothing more than a simple look with a bunch of links, but it wont matter because none will ever see it. Do you agree with the future of home page design? Whatever the case home page design is sure to evolve over the years.