Web Design Explained

Web design is a term used to describe the industry that is involved in producing and marketing web designs. There are many specific areas of web design it is a very complex and large market.

It can range from the small individual web design projects to large multi-national corporation web design projects that require complex web designs. There are also many different companies all over the world offering web design services in many languages. Having the flexabilty of a multi-lingual web design can really improve the chance of success you have on the online market.

Because web design is such a large industry and has a wide scope over almost anything to do with the Internet here are some quick examples of the different industries that come under this term.

·         Firstly there is website design, this is an obvious part of web design and comes in many different forms. There are those which are extremely basic and easy to setup which includes web domains, website hosting, and simple design that uses pre-made templates. There is also a more complex side to this part of web design where large sites are built for individuals or companies that involve very complex coding and functions. You will see a lot of popular auction sites and online shops that use very big websites as they offer a lot of products.

·         Secondly there is the marketing side of web design. There are many ways an individual can promote and market their site from the search engines and other mediums.

·         Thirdly there is the coding side of in the web design industry. This again is very complex part of the web design process.

·         Last but not least is the security side of web design.  As more people use their personal details online, the security of a web design project is paramount. There is a lot of cyber-crime going on and web design is at the forefront of prevention.

Overall, web design is extremely large field and employing large numbers of people throughout the world. Web design is one of the fastest-growing industries.