Web Design as a Profession

Deciding to become a web design professional can be quite simple. You will need a few tools, but starting a business in web design can start as simply as creating your own marketing materials. Of course, you will be required to gain some skills and knowledge. There is a lot to think about before becoming a web design professional. Before you head out to form a company or build a website to sell your services, let us first decide if web design is the right path for you.

web design as a profession

What is Web Design?

We should be very clear in our understanding that there are numerous web professional positions in this industry. For instance, there are information architects, web developers, web programmers, content developers, search engine optimization specialists, and social media experts. Keep in mind that is simply a starter list. Plainly put, a web design professional is responsible for color schemes, styles, and layouts of websites they work on. Essentially, the web design professional is is responsible for all visual elements on a site. When we discuss layouts, you must understand the responsibilities of a web design professional are very different from that of a print design professional. Additionally, although the professional web designers may wear many hats, the graphics and images located within a site's content may not be the responsibility of the web design professional. Sometimes providing graphics can be done in house or provided by the client.

An important note is that a web design professional is not responsible for the coding involved when creating a website. Those tasks are left for the programmer. The biggest concern for a web design professional is the visual appeal of the website. If you find yourself obsessed with color and layouts, web design may be the right career for you.

Think of web design as an art form. It may be difficult to see a web design professional as an artist, but a good web design professional understands how important each element is to the overall effect of a website. Much like fine art, good web design involves the organization of visually pleasing elements used to create an aesthetic whole. When you look at web design in this manner it is not difficult to see the artistic role a web design professional must take in their tasks. Although web design professionals do not use the same tools as someone who paints pictures or creates sculpture, the web design professional must still have an artistic eye when choosing the correct colors and styles to create a finished product. In fact, many professional web designers started out with print design. It was their love of the internet that helped them make this career move. Most web design professionals would consider the best web designs works of art.

If you have an artistic eye and love the internet, becoming a web designer is certainly in your wheelhouse. It does not matter if you have strong programming skills. A web designer does not need to learn complex computer programming languages. In fact, many web designers leave all of the coding needed to other members of the web development team. It's as simple as this: If you are thrilled at the thought of color and layout and love the internet, a career in web design might be the path you are looking for.