Using "include" in Web Design

Web Design is complex. Trying to keep your web pages well structured can get tremendously irritating. As soon as you have a web design that has more than a few pages or has a sophisticated arrangement, it can get really tough to make a change to the web design. Web design is one of the most important ways that your website can differentiate itself from others really quickly and easily. The first impression made on a visitor to your website is through the web design, and first impressions are rather indelible. Altering each individual page of your web design can be very time consuming, depending, of course, on how large your web design is. If you make a error, and need to go back through the web design, you can lose even more time.

This is the reason you should consider using 'includes' in your web design. A web design gives you an opportunity to express yourself on your website, but you don't want to have to repeat that vision through code on each page. This is where 'includes' can be so helpful. With an include you can make changes to the web design on a couple relevant pages, and those changes can be propagated out to the rest of the website. It will also help if you have a reliable knowledge base in web design development, and sound artistic inspiration for the web design you intend to create. This will really help you finish your web design project more quickly and efficiently. If, say, your site's web design uses menus at the top and the bottom, with content in between, you could change the each of the menus across your entire site using "include". This saves you having to change the web design for that menu on each web page in your site. To do this, place the code for the menus inside files with names like "Top_menu.html" and "Bottom_menu.html". Then you can put code in your index file that looks like this:

<!-- #include file=Top_menu.html -->

All your amazing page content

<!-- #include file=Bottom_menu.html -->

With this bit of code at the top and bottom of your web design pages, you can more easily organize your web design. If you want to make a change to your web design header, you just open up "Top_menu.html" and change it. Once that is done, the changes you have made will appear on all of the pages using the "include" code. As you can see using 'includes' in your web design makes it easy to edit webs. There is no longer any need to spend hours trying to change your web design, thanks to 'includes'. Just change one file in your web design, and it becomes reflected across all pages easily.