Useful Information To Create Better Web Design

Conveniences in web design



Designing a web site that works for your customers, your business, and your self is not always easy to create. Web design artists the world over use a wide variety of available features - some of these are good, some are really bad. Some techniques work really well, while others just frustrate everyone who visits that page. Below are some web design techniques, both good and bad, which will entice your visitors to stay and browse a while, or frustrate them enough so that they just leave, probably never to return.

Forms: The best way to learn about your visitors likes and dislikes is by asking specific questions. Forms incorporated into your web design will help you gain this information. However, keep the forms short in order not to overwhelm first time visitors.

Search Bars: Visitors are always looking for the quickest way to get around your website. A top or side search bar is the best way to help your visitors explore your site.

Easy To Navigate: Your search bar should include every section of your website, making it easy to navigate from one area to another. There is no need to add additional buttons that lead to pages already listed in the search bar. The best websites offer quick navigation through their site; no more a than a few clicks to find what you are looking for.

Page Aspect Ratio: There is nothing more annoying than having to scroll from side to side in order to browse a website. Most visitors don't even bother reading what you have on your pages. If your page doesn't fit the screen without scrolling left and right, then you should rethink your plan and rid your site of this problem.

Pop-Ups: Another very annoying feature on web pages are the pop-ups that open in new windows. Most people are leary of opening windows that they did not open - too many pop-ups causing problems is to blame for their hesitation. Why bother with pop-ups if your visitors will just click them away without even a glance?

Contact Information: The best websites include your contact information on every single page. You don't want your visitors to go searching for it when they want to ask you a question. Making it easy to find, and in the same place on every page will allow them to contact you by email. Adding a phone number and mailing address gives your visitors options on how to best contact you with their questions or concerns. Be available to your visitors and your website traffic will show it.


This is only a small sample of what you should, and should not do when you create your web design. It is mostly common sense, and knowing what you like and dislike about other websites, that will help guide you through the creating process. These mistakes may seem minor, but it is frustrating to know that so many people fail to follow some of the simplest ideas to keep visitors happy. It's a simple choice: make your visitors happy and they will contently browse through your site, or drive them away with flashing bells and whistles that are unneeded, and unwanted.