Upcoming Web Design Trends for 2013

This year, like nearly every year since the creation of the internet, is seeing further evolution in web design.  Some of the particular elements of web design you can expect to see more this year are as follows.

Endless Pages

A seemingly unstoppable trend in web design is the end of ‘pagination’.  Web design is moving more and more towards pages which automatically load more content—things that would have been on the next page—as soon as the user scrolls close to the bottom of the already loaded items.  This way, the web design makes the site seem like a seamless source of information for the user, and at the same time makes it unnecessary for them to press the back button one hundred times if they want to leave the site.  This trend in web design is certainly not new, but it is picking up speed, especially because of its additional utility on mobile pages, and so should be ubiquitous by years’ end. 

Emphasis on Mobile

2013 is going to see an even greater emphasis placed on mobile web design.  Mobile web design has gone through many stages already, and the newest and probably most effective one is an adaptive web design.  Instead of having a web design for a desktop site, and a separate web design for a mobile site, you create a single site which adds functionality as the size of the browser page increases.  So, if the browser is only 350 pixels across, the web design will only include the most important items, making them easily visible on a phone screen.  However, if the browser is 1600 pixels across, the web design will include all of the fancy items that users expect on their desktop.  Your web design does not suffer from being used on one browser or another, it just changes. Having a web design that adapts to your users needs is just one way to make your web design feel more inviting.

Cleaner Code

With cleaner web designs has come an interest in making the code cleaner as well.  Using CSS frameworks can make it easy and fast to build a basic web design.  Since you start with the framework, the programming will be much cleaner, as you are not putting the pieces all together yourself.  This will make it easier to make changes to your web design, and also might result in faster load times.  In 2013 it will be easier than ever to make sure your web design is CSS standards compliant.

These are three of the really noticeable web design trends for 2013, but there are many more, some of which will not become obvious until well into the year.  The best way to stay abreast of any new moves in web design is to keep searching for them.  Dedicate some time every little while to see if anything new appears around the internet, and then give it a shot.