Understanding SEO Part 2

All writers have reached that infamous crossroad, where we can either choose to follow our passion of writing, of being a wordsmith, painting beautiful pictures using nothing but the art of language, or lead a boring life, one of clock punching and early nights. Thankfully, with the advent of the information age, writing is becoming an easily accessible career option. In the first part of this article, I explained the basics of SEO articles, their reason to be, and how even though it may seem like a drag to follow guidelines, the possibilities in SEO writing are essentially limitless. In the second part of the article, I will be talking more on how to actually find an SEO job, and I will be delving more into the guidelines of writing the SEO articles.

If you live your life as a freelancer, or if you are in between jobs, Craigslist and Kijiji are your best friends. The same is true for a prospective SEO writer. Job postings are constantly put up for the in-demand field of SEO, and aside from a sample article, very few credentials are needed. Every day new SEO positions open up, and new SEO writers are born. Why wait to jump in?

It is very useful to be capable of writing in the language of the SEO article. Say you were to come upon a link relating to televisions; it is the first link that pops up on your favourite search site, so instinctively you click on it. Only instead of finding a wonderful array of useful information pertaining to the tube, you are presented with a wonderful German website, with one article that has the word television strewn throughout it. Though functionally the SEO article was a masterpiece, the end-user, in this case the reader will leave the site just as quick as they arrived, as it does not provide information useful to them. Though the SEO articles fight to get you on the webpage, it is the content that makes you want to stay. This is usually the goal of one who employs SEO writers, to make a site worthy of visitors.

Remember to always stick to the subject at hand. Although you may be presented with a vague SEO keyword, when writing the article it is best to refrain from branching away into your own little personal foray. SEO articles should stay on the informative side, as the reader can gain some knowledge from the article, regardless of its initial purpose. As long as the article is in some way helpful or informative, it will serve a purpose for SEO.

Overall, writing SEO articles is a great way to hone your craft, develop new contacts and earn a bit of money. Companies that utilize SEO service are always looking for writers, and this leads to what could be a very profitable venture. Best of luck with all of your own SEO related escapades!