Understanding SEO Part 1

If you are a writer who works online, you most likely have heard of SEO articles. If you are a website owner, and have contracted somebody to help your website gain notoriety, you too probably have heard of SEO. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a technique used to boost the position of a website to—hopefully—the first link on a search website. As a writer, when looking for jobs online you will see SEO pop up more than almost any other word, as it is a skill that is in high demand. Relying on certain words, the articles can be on literally any subject, so long as they incorporate certain keywords a set number of times.

Though the idea of writing SEO articles may seem tedious, it can actually provide an interesting way to stimulate your other writing, and it certainly does not hurt that it is a paying gig! With SEO articles, you will quite often be required to do some research pertaining to the subject at hand (if you want a good article), which can open a whole new area of knowledge. As the SEO topics can be as vague as "boating" a writer has almost complete creative control, so long as he incorporates that word a few times. If you would like to write an article on the dangers of boating, or on great places to go boating, it doesn't really matter, so long as it meets that one SEO requirements. An article doesn't have to be perfect, just be informative and helpful and the search engines are sure to give you credit for it.

Some writers tend to write off (no pun intended) SEO as nothing more than writing for computers, buzzwords to make a page more popular. The truth, however, is that you can write an amazingly informative, funny, creative SEO article, so long as you can train yourself to work with the words provided. There are many great examples of SEO articles on the web that you probably did not even realize were SEO articles. It all comes down to good wordplay and distraction from repetition. A true writer can hone his craft to work around boundaries, not shun things that will cause obstacles. Garnering scoffs from "elite" writers at the mention of SEO writing may seem like a deterrent, but the reality is you could more than likely wind up earning a lot more money writing SEO articles than they can blogging about their life. Trust me, SEO writing is a good gig to get into, and it is always a position that is in demand.

In the next part of this article, you will learn different ways to find SEO work, the different skills needed to tackle a slightly different style of writing, and what to expect in the field.