Ticket System

Jatech has developed an online issue tracking and ticket system that is full featured and easy to use. The JSI Ticket System is great for large companies, web design firms and small businesses as it harnesses the power of php and MySQL in a robust system to help you manage your customer support queries.

How it works:

·         The client creates a ticket which is then sent to a web design Administrator.

·         The client is issued a ticket number.

·         The client can log in at anytime to see the progress of his ticket.

·         The web design Administrator selects the programmer to assign the ticket.

·         The web design programmer completes the ticket and response is sent to web design Administrator.

·         Notice is sent to client by email that his ticket request has been completed.

·         The web designadministrator has a list of web design programmers and their skill sets.

·         Administrator can assign ticket to web design programmers with appropriate skill set.

·         The SLA of the ticket is tracked through the web design to develop efficiencies.

·         Reports generated re: average ticket time, web design programmers hours, etc.

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