The World of Mobile Web Design

The world changed over the past few years and one of the biggest changes is the addition of mobile web design to the field. The reason mobile web design has become more popular is because of the rise of mobile internet devices such as smart phones and tablets. Almost everyone you see will have one of these devices, and almost all of them will use there device to search the web, which has forced web design companies to develop under mobile web designs. But what is the need for a mobile web design for all these internet ready devices? Are normal web designs being sufficient? The answer here is that proficient just does not cut it.

The reason mobile web design is so widely used these days is because of a few issues mobile devices have with regular web designs. The biggest of these issues is, of course, the size of the screen the web is being viewed on. With a mobile device, the screen is much smaller then with a regular computer, and regular web designs are built with regular computers in mind (regular meaning desktop and laptop). This difference in screen size and resolution between mobile devices and web designs makes it very difficult to navigate a web design meant for a pc. For example lets say you are on a mobile touch screen phone and visit a normal web design. To get to the next page of the web design you must click a link that is just text, but that link is right above another link. Well your fingers are not pointed so there is a good chance you are going to click the wrong link on the web design. This is terrible for navigation and has been addressed with mobile web design. In a mobile web design the links are larger, and usually buttons that are easily navigable with your fingers.

Another problem that comes from a regular web design on a mobile device is that it is hard to read pieces of text located in some parts of the web design. The small screen will force the user to zoom in and then there is the problem of using side scrolling on the web design. Having to scroll side to side to be able to read a line of text is enough to send a visitor to a different web design that is better equipped for mobile devices. With a mobile web design this issue of text is taken care of because the mobile web design will be made for the appropriate screen size. This means all the text will have the appropriate sized columns and rows, making your web design flexible and easy to use no matter what device you intend to browse it on.

So, mobile web design has fixed viewing webs on mobile devices but what else has it added to make navigating a web design easier? Well, when you are on a mobile device, even if the margins are the right size from left to right, it is not effective to have a lot of text so you must scroll down for a long time to reach the end of the web design. In a mobile web design they have thought about this issue and most mobile web designs are set up in a way that each page of the web design is actually quite small. This means instead of having an entire article on a single page to read, a mobile web design will have an article spread across 3 pages so after reading a screen full you can click a button to read the rest. This is quite helpful, even though most people would not even notice the difference.