The History of Web Development

If you look around you, you will notice that you have many things that didn't even exist in the early 1990s. The smartphone you have sitting on the charger, or maybe even the eBook reader you have on your bedside table were never fathomed. Over time, our civilization has changed and has become much more advanced. The Internet is no exception, and so since its creation, web development has advanced and changed to match the change in marketing and entertainment requirements. Let's take a look back in time and see all the changes that have occurred in web development.

The Beginning

In 1991, the first website was created by a man named Tim Berners-Lee. Since web development was new, it was a simple website that had only text. Links were then added, with the primitive web development techniques, that led people to pages that would inform them about the internet. Very few people actually read these at the time because the Internet and web development were not well known or understood by the public. This was the first form of web development, so a copy of this website was saved in 1992.

World Wide Web Consortium

In the year 1994, a very important web development change took place. The World Wide Web Consortium standardized websites to make HTML the official language used in web development. This would stop any single company from developing their own form of web browser that used a different programming language in their web development, and that would allow them to profit unfairly from it. This group continues to set standards for the Internet today, although they rarely change anything that is done with web development these days, simply reinforcing trends in web development set by companies.

Table-based Designs

Table-based designs definitely added a new element to web development. They allowed web designers to create structure to their web development projects so they would not look like a list of items. This made it very easy to begin adding images in web development, which would massively alter the web development landscape.

Search Engines

Yahoo was the first search engine that was ever created with web development, and it was released in the year 1996. Finding websites on the Internet was a difficult task back then as you had to know the exact URL in order to get to that website. Yahoo's contribution to web development made it much easier to find websites, and it inspired many other search engines, including Google, to sprout up.


Flash was another web development tool that came in 1996. This web development tool would be used to add more complex elements to web pages, including, eventually, audio and video. It started out with very basic web development tools, but these web development tools quickly became more advanced and allowed whole websites to be based off of Flash. This was the start of something very big in web development for the time.

Since then, many other changes have occurred in web development like the addition of search engine optimization to web development projects to get websites to the top of search results. Web development has become more advanced, which has given us websites like Facebook and YouTube. Without all these web development changes, the Internet may not have become quite as popular as it is today. Thank web development that you are even reading this article!