The Hidden Aspects of Web Development

With the internet available In almost every house, business, and coffee shop it is no wonder that web development has become such a large career field. When you hear the word web development a few things will usually pop into your head. The average person will think of a website when they hear web development, and to them the development will mean the coding that creates the website for display on the web. Now, although web design is a large part of web development, it is not the only aspect of web development. In reality web development is a field made up of many different aspects, of which only one would be the actual programming of a website.

Web development is actually just the process of all the different fields required to create a website design working with each other as a team to piece each aspect of the site together. What may be harder to understand is what the different aspects are that make up web development; hopefully it will be understandable soon. One such aspect or job that makes up web development  is research. For a web development project to be successful, research has to be done to find out what look and feel the web development project will need, to appeal to the right people. This makes the job of the web development researcher quite important, even though many people will not even know this exists in web development.

Another job hidden away from sight in a web development project is called a content writer. A content writer is the person that will write all the paragraphs of text and decide the slogan for a company. Although this seems like a small job it is crucial to the success of a web development project because without well written content, a web development project will get bad ratings and many people will not even find the website online, never mind visit it. Badly written content from a web development team that does not follow certain techniques of its own will not rate well in such search engine and in return will not be visible in the results pages.

Hand in hand with content writing goes the hidden job of search engine optimization. Sure the content writer for a web development project is meant to create content that will be good in the eyes of the search engine, but there is more to it. The job of the search engine optimizer in web development is to get the website to show up on the early pages of Google search results. This job is accomplished in web development with specific techniques such as meta tags (description, title, keywords), and inbound link creation. These web development techniques, along with good articles and text from the content writer of the web development team will tell a search engine that the finished web development project is relevant, boosting its rank, and getting it closer to the top of the first page.

Really there are no small roles in web development and that applies greatly to the programmer as well. The programmer in a web development project is the guy who makes it all happen. The programmer takes all the web development research and all the content written, and puts it together with code such as html or php as an appealing design for the customers. The programmer is also the person on the web development team who adds the functionality to the web development project. Basically, the programmer translates all the different aspects needed in a web development project into a language that the internet can understand. This makes the job of the programmer the most important part of web development, especially since the other people are really only needed if the site is meant to be a success. A good web development project is only successful when all of these roles come together.