The Great Features of Online Shopping Carts

Online e-commerce is growing exponentially everyday and with it so is the online shopping carts industry. It is getting to the point when just about everyone that used the internet has encountered online shopping carts at least once. Some people have never had the pleasure of buying goods with online shopping carts because they either do not have a computer or they do not trust online shopping carts. To clear some things up and hopefully inform the rest of people that do not know much about online shopping carts here is a set of features and why they exist within online shopping carts.

The Shopping Cart

Obviously online shopping carts must have a feature such as the shopping cart but it is not exactly the same as any regular shopping cart; although very similar. The shopping cart of an online shopping cart is where items go before they are purchased. Whenever you see the add to cart button on a website, you will be using online shopping carts for any the purchases. The tricky part to understand about online shopping carts and this feature is that not all online shopping carts have a shopping cart. Certain websites that do not sell many products or services therefore do not to have to use online shopping carts.

Payment Gateway

With online shopping carts, the payment gateway is one of the most important features for a couple reasons. First off without a payment gateway, online shopping carts would not be able to receive payments for any of products. Without being able to receive payments, online shopping carts would not work out in any way. Basically a payment gateway for online shopping carts is like Paypal. You sign up externally with the payment gateway and they connect to your bank account. Using online shopping carts setup, your external payment gateway account and any payments coming to you through the online shopping carts will be deposited based on your information.

Shipping and Tax Information

Shipping and tax information is another big aspects of online shopping carts. Without this information people using online shopping carts, for one would not know the final cost of the item, and two would not know any estimated delivery times or shipping methods for the online shopping carts. For online shopping carts this is necessary because without knowing these aspects people wont trust the online shopping carts or not go through with payments concluding in them leaving the site in search of different online shopping carts.

One Page Checkout

This is an optional feature of online shopping carts but is also quite beneficial. With one page checkout the visitors to your online shopping carts can go from wanting to buy an item to having it on the way within minutes. Online shopping carts without this feature will force the user to possibly re-enter information and go through many pages, which can deter people from using those kinds of online shopping carts. When your online shopping cart is easy and efficent, your customers will come back time and time again.

Drag and Drop Feature

This is another optional feature of online shopping carts and was first introduced by us here at Jatech Web Design. Drag and drop shopping carts allow users to literally drag the item they want to wherever the online shopping carts section is on the page and done it is ready to purchase.

There are some other aspects to online shopping carts which will  be covered in future articles. For now, use the new knowledge you have of online shopping carts to help you choose out of the many online shopping carts available, and get to selling.

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