The Art of Web Design -- Use Visual Appeal to Draw the Eye

Web design and visual appeal go hand-in-hand like a horse and carriage.  A person who does web design is often not only well versed in the technical aspects of web design, but is also an artist.  The visual appeal of a website can be almost as important as how useful the content that is contained within the web design.  This includes the contrast of colours used, logos and overall visual appeal.  Think of it this way.  You’re going out on a hot date on Friday night.  How are you going to dress?  Sure, you’ve got a great personality, you’ve got refined conversational skills and you’re ready to keep your potential mate interested.  However, if you don’t have visual appeal from the get-go, you will not make a good first impression.  This has little to do with actual looks and everything to do with visual appeal.  In web design, much like a hot date, we always want to radiate confidence to make a good first impression and visual appeal plays a large role in this.


Visual appeal encompasses everything from colour co-ordination, to accessories in web design.  In web design, this includes having your content easy to find by way of drawing the eye to it with visual appeal.  Well, how do we do that?  You want to keep it large and simple at first.  When someone first views your web design, the first thing you want them to see could possibly be a set of large photos or possibly a logo that has visual appeal.  Near or on this photo, would be a short list of features about the content that your web design contains.  Think of it as a short preamble to what your web design will be talking about.  To increase the visual appeal of this, important factors are in place, including your choice of font used as well as colour co-ordination.  Think about art class in school.  Remember the colour wheel?   Remember when your teacher spoke about complementary colours?  If you want the person who views your web design to notice the visual appeal, complementary colours are often a tool that can be used to display a feature that your web design contains.  For instance, you want to display a cheap price for an item on your web design.  You could display a red price tag with white font over top of a green background.  Red and green are complementary colours and the eye will be drawn to the red to view the price.  This is just one example of how visual appeal in your web design is important.