Starting a Web Design

When creating a web design, there are a variety of things to consider that it can seem overwhelming. The average person starts a web design, looks at the blank canvas in front of him or her and simply doesn't know where to begin. Some say it is best to start with a color scheme for the web design, some say it’s best to start with a background, while others say it’s best to start with a header on their web design.

Building a good web design is like piecing together a puzzle, while some start by finding pieces that go well together, most people start a puzzle with the corners and sides, making their way inward. You can do this much the same when creating a web design.

While there is no wrong answer, everybody has their own methods, and what is good for the goose isn't always good for the gander. However, when starting a new web design, one of the easiest places to draw inspiration from is the logo. The logo for your web design is the corner piece of your puzzle, or in this case web design, and if you haven't given your web design a logo - now is a good time to start. A good web design always has a good logo.

No matter where on your web design you place your logo, it is truly central to your web design. Every part of your web design, from color to shapes, should all be derived from your logo. If you already have a logo, look to it for a possible color scheme. If your logo is blue and green, good ideas for the colors on your web design are blue and green, or various shades of both on your web design. A good web design maintains a consitent theme throughout its various visual media.

Now your logo doesn't always tell you everything you will need to start your web design, but it should give you some good ideas. If you need help expanding your colors or seeing which colors go together, there are many web design tools online that will help you choose a consistent color scheme, so if a blue and green logo is what you have to work with, you would find that teal, purple, and other 'cool' colors will compliment your web design.