SEO: The Adventures of Link Building

There are different techniques used by search engine optimization (SEO) to rank a website on the search engine. Link building is one of the techniques. In this case, the search engine recognizes the links you have listed to rank your website. As much as search engine optimization encourages one to have links in the website, it looks at the quality and not quantity. So consider the best website links if you don’t want a low ranking. For the best ranking in search engines, you need to employ a search engine optimization (SEO) plan in these key areas.


If you want the search engine optimization for your website to have a good number of traffic then forums is the way to go with link building. This forces users to create a profile with a signature link. Search engines are getting smarter each day to comprehend the SEO signature links.

Link Farms

If you are in need of a link for your website, you should try consulting link building companies that sell SEO links. A search engine can pick up on a SEO link farm if your website has it and rank your site higher. However, this might also bring your ranking down since some of the links you are selling in the SEO link farm might be high ended.


You can also have a look at blogs that have an associated link back to the website of the client if your website needs SEO links. A number of websites will not let you steal SEO links from other people.


These website pages allow people to create pages on their own interest. They are created on build services. This is probably one of the easiest ways spammers build SEO links for your website. However, this is a method that doesn’t last for search engines since it’s the unauthorized way to get SEO links.


You can also build traffic for your website in form of SEO spam by using SEO directories. Since nobody reads them, these directories can be full of spam. You can use this strategy to increase your ranking by increasing the weight of your website.

Social Bookmarks

Before, websites used to steal SEO links for their own benefit from the social bookmarking when it first came into existence. However, that has changed and now websites can’t steal SEO links to create traffic.