Search Engine Marketing: Best of Both Worlds

Search engine marketing is a term used in the field of web design that refers to promoting your website with the use of free SEO techniques as well as paid search advertisement techniques. Used in the proper manner, search engine marketing combines these two pieces to create a very beneficial promotion campaign for your website. The funny thing about search engine marketing over the recent years is that many people have transformed the term search engine marketing to mean only paid-type advertising for a website. With this transformation of the term search engine marketing a lot of confusion has come about while people try to distinguish it from PPC, SEO, and other promotional campaigning techniques.

Using the proper techniques for search engine marketing can be very beneficial for your company site. For instance, say you have a website that you would like to show up when someone searches the term search engine marketing. The first step in search engine marketing to make this happen would be the use of on-page SEO techniques. These search engine marketing techniques such as the use of meta tags, content with keyword densities, and internal linking structure, are the starting points to a good search engine marketing campaign. These techniques allow you to structure the search engine marketing campaigns website in a way that is optimized for search engines to see the site as relevant for a keyword. These search engine marketing techniques are also meant to optimize the website for use by consumers. This can be seen in the linking structure, where a site using search engine marketing techniques may make pages a maximum of 2 or 3 clicks deep. It may not seem that important at first, but proper link building is actually one of the most important part of any good search engine marketing campaign.

Off-page SEO techniques are also a part of search engine marketing to promote a website on the internet. These search engine marketing techniques are not as simple as adding a keyword here and there, like the on-page search engine marketing techniques, but can greatly influence how your website ranks in search results. Some of these off-page search engine marketing techniques include things like link building, and anchor text. The reason they are a bit more complicated is because they consist of relationships with other websites. When using link building as a search engine marketing technique you must visit another site and contact them for a link exchange, or fill out a submission form to have your search engine marketing link accepted. This can take some extra time then on-page search engine marketing techniques but, a page with many quality links to it, will rank much higher in search results.

After the SEO part of search engine marketing comes the pay-per-click campaign. This type of search engine marketing campaign is very beneficial when used in conjunction with SEO. A pay per click search engine marketing campaign is just a paid service that you can use to insert advertisements for your website at the top of search engine results. Every time one of your ads is clicked a certain amount of money will be taken from your account, hence pay-per-click. The reason this type of search engine marketing campaign works well for search engine marketing, when used with SEO, is because they have the same goal. Search engine marketing is meant to get you to the top of results and using SEO search engine marketing you will be at the top of organic search results, while pay-per-click search engine marketing gets you to the top of other search results. The biggest reason these two search engine marketing campaigns go so well together is because PPC can sometimes bring traffic to your site that is not looking for your products. Using both search engine marketing types can fix that problem because if somebody sees your organic results, and you have a paid ad up top, they may see you as the more professional choice.

For the most part when trying to promote your website, using free search engine marketing techniques like SEO will be the most beneficial, but using search engine marketing the way it was meant to be used; both SEO and PPC, will prove a very beneficial investment to your company.