Search Engine Marketing - What It Is All About

Search Engine Marketing is a Game or War that must be played continuously. You can’t expect to play once and win.


Phase 1: Website Analysis and Keyword Research

We will conduct a full page by page analysis of your website to determine how search engine friendly it is currently. At which point we will create an SEM strategy and discuss the necessary marketing plans with you to ensure the search engines will rank your website.

We will work with you to help select the keywords and key phrases that will be used in your pages. You will supply us with a list of words that you feel best match what customers would type in to search for your website/industry. We will then perform detailed research into these words/phrases to determine how effective they will be and provide advice on which to use. For best marketing and higher rankings, we suggest using one keyword per page, which we will incorporate into the page name for the most effective results. However, you may have a maximum of two keywords per page, as any more than that will result in keyword saturation, thereby reducing the significance of the keywords used.


Phase 2: Marketing and Submission

Once the most effective keywords and phrases have been selected, we will market your website’s content to incorporate them. It may be necessary to restructure part of your website in order to make it search engine friendly. This involves re-naming your pages to incorporate keywords/phrases relevant to that page, which greatly improves search engine ranking and ensuring that your pages have the appropriate number of incoming links (linking to that particular page) and outgoing links (links to other sites). A proper linking structure is key when undergoing a search engine marketing campaign.

Once the marketing is complete, we will hand submit your site to the thirteen major search engines some of which being Google, Bing, & Yahoo as well as to the 500+ smaller search engines.


Phase 3: Installation and Promotion of Link Exchange System

We will install the Link Exchange System on the back end of your website. Using the easy to use administration, we will monitor all link requests from other sites, set it to automatically or manually approve/deny links based on criteria you specify (offensive content, competitor’s websites, etc), instantly confirm the status of all reciprocal links and create customized banners, headers and footers.

This state of the art system will save you both time and money by managing all your links and ensuring that all external links to your site are maintained, while significantly helping to boost your search engine ranking over time. In addition to the JSI Link Exchange System, we have a database of over 30 million that wish to exchange links. We search this database for sites that are relevant, have a good page ranking (PR4 and above) and are high quality. Once we have qualified based on the before mentioned criteria, we approach these sites to exchange links with your site.


Phase 4: Blog Setup

Blogs are “hot” with Search Engines – if done properly – as they are content rich pages that provide value to readers which the Search Engines love. We will install Blog software under a sub-domain of your site. We will install the proper links and submit your Blog to the major Search Engines and the Blog sites. You will have to either write review articles on the products or the services you are selling, or find articles on the web and copy them to your Blog. We are able to add some automatic information feeds that will update your Blog automatically. This fresh content will help keep your site at the top of the Search Engines.


Phase 6: Social Networking:

Jatech will create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other Social Networking Sites to promote your site.


Phase 7: Mini Site on

Our web site, has a strong page ranking and does very well on the Search Engines. We will create a mini site and place it on This mini site will be marketed for the Search Engines and will be in the top few listings on the Search Engines quickly, because of Jatech’s already high standing. This is a good way to drive immediate traffic to your web site.


Phase 8: Network System

By creating inbound links from the JSI network of sites this will increase your ranking with search engines. JSI will create a networking system of 100+ links of relevance to your site. Search Engines recognize a high number of inbound links and this will result in more traffic to your website.


Phase 9: Articles

The Major Engines have recognized Jatech as a Premier Author and consequently our articles are automatically published and placed in their sites and distributed to many of thousands of sites where millions of people read them daily.

The articles must have an informative nature to them and at the same time have the proper keyword density. Also, the articles must be grammatically correct and between 500 and 600 words in length.


Site Maps: Jatech will create a comprehensive site map that will allow visitors and Search Engine Spiders to navigate the site with ease.

Google Specific Site Map: Jatech will create a site map that we will have individually approved by Google. This site map will be used by only Google to index your site.

Google Local: If you have a brick and mortar store we will list you on Google Local. This means when someone searches for your keyword, your site will be listed at the top of the results for your general physical location.

Optional:  We can create instructional videos to post on various video sites such as, etc. If you create the videos we will not charge for posting them. We would quote separately on a video project.


Customized SEM Options:

Depending on the level of competition it may take 2-4 months for your website to get noticed on the main search engines. The reason is that Google will continually search and rank your website for new information and how relevant it is to the product or service you are offering.


Generally it takes 3 months for Google’s web crawlers to have completed their initial ranking of you page. This stage is also known as the “Sand Box”. However, within the first 2 months of using our SEM services clients will see an increase in traffic to their website. By the third month our client’s website will be on the first page of Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Page) as well as the other major search engines.