Online Shopping Carts: Making Shopping Easy

online shopping carts

Online shopping carts must be easy to use and to navigate. Jatech's web development team has completed 2000+ eCommerce websites with simplicity and ease of use for our number one priority. However, if online shopping carts are not easy and intuitive then it may result in decreased productivity for the web design. Customers want to deal with online shopping carts that are easy to use and time saving. This most certainly includes Jatech online shopping carts.

When a customer goes shopping online they want to have online shopping carts that are easily accessible within the web design. When a customer views a product on your website there should be a button near the product to add it to their online shopping cart - not clicking to another page. It is extremely easy. The ability to see what is in the online shopping carts at any time is always useful. Online shopping carts that can provide an estimated price, including shipping, helps them figure out exactly how much they can spend. Easy access to the online shopping carts will improve your customer’s attitude. This will lead to increased customer satisfaction that translates into an up tick in sales for the business.

Another progressive addition to online shopping cart technology is having a single-page checkout. An online shopping cart that forces the client to delve into several extra pages to complete their purchase make the client upset, or even decide not to complete the checkout. An online shopping cart that allows the purchase on a single page makes the whole process easier on the customer. Online shopping carts like this are popular with online shoppers and will help bring them back as return customers. A customer might also be making a more impulsive purchase, if the checkout process is easier.

Do not forget to add in the last minute marketing pitch. Just before a customer checks out of your online shopping cart, advertise some other products they might find relevant. The most effective way to do this is to say something like "customers who purchased this product also purchased ______ ". Having a list of additional items by their chosen product may cause the customer to make that last minute impulse buy, like the last minute purchases at checkout lines like candy or magazines.

To keep customers happy, there should be a way that they can correct any mistakes that they have made in their online shopping carts. Even after they have placed an order there should be a way that they can easily correct their mistakes to update the order. This can include adding an item, removing an item, choosing a different color, changing the quantity of an item or changing their shipping option.

Not all items purchased go directly to the customer placing the order. Many times online shoppers prefer to do their last minute gift shopping online and may also find it easier to order a present for a loved family member via an online website. Having an option in your online shopping carts that allow for additional ship to addresses to be entered without the customer having to change their default billing address is also a very helpful feature for online shopping carts.

To take it a step further some successful online shopping carts keep a database of customers' information so when they return they can access their previous entered addresses. This way when they need to ship to them again it is as easy as a click of the mouse.

The key to having a satisfying online shopping cart is to keep the customer in mind when creating your website. As always, if the customer is happy then the business will grow and be profitable too.