Online Shopping Carts or No Online Shopping Carts

In the rising world of e-commerce web design big question that everyone is asking is whether or not they need online shopping carts to sell their products. The reason for this question about online shopping carts is that as far as most people are concerned that know what online shopping carts are. They are literally the backbone to an e-commerce website. While this is true of e-commerce websites with online shopping carts, but an e-commerce website could very well get by without one if they did not have that much to sell. But how does this make any sense?

The payment gateway

As far as online shopping carts go, the payment gateway is the piece of software that allows online shopping carts to receive payment for products. Without a payment gateway, online shopping carts would be nothing more then a storage area for items you would like to purchase with the online shopping carts. Once you add a payment gateway to online shopping carts, payments can be received and that storage area has become useful. This is actually the reason an e-commerce website can get by without online shopping carts.

E-commerce on the rise

If you would like to start an e-commerce website to sell products without online shopping carts all you really need is a payment gateway similar to online shopping carts. And in some cases a dedicated payment gateway is not totally necessary. As an example, lets say that you are starting an e-commerce website in which you would like to sell a product without online shopping carts, and for the sake of this example lets pretend the website uses a content management system. Well, instead of using online shopping carts you could install an extension which allows you to sell an item without first transferring to online shopping carts. Such an extension would use a payment gateway, similar to that of online shopping carts, and once you pay for the item it will be sent to you. Some problems can occur without online shopping carts though.

Problems with not using online shopping carts

Like with anything, there are benefits to not using online shopping carts, as well as downfalls. The main problem with not using online shopping carts with an e-commerce website is that you can only purchase one products at a time. See, with online shopping carts you can browse, adding items to the online shopping carts as you go. With just a payment gateway there is no aspect to hold the items you want to purchase, since that is a feature of online shopping carts.

Another small issue with not using online shopping carts is that you literally can only allow customers to purchase items. Without online shopping carts the customer wont get any information about shipping, or be able to use coupons or any other promotional or marketing tools.

Now, although after reading this you may believe you do not need online shopping carts, remember that if your e-commerce venture will be big one day, online shopping carts are essential. This is true not only because of the problems above, but also for ease of use, as easy to use online shopping carts will make customers much happier then straight to the point payment gateways.