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Nowadays, with smart phone and tablet technology becoming ever more popular, web design has undergone a number of changes to incorporate it.  More often then not, people browse the web on their phones than their PCs.  It is imperative that your web design has the ability to show up on phones as well as on the computer to best serve your business.

Since the smartphone has quickly become a ubiquitous device, it is very important to have a web design that is compatible.  Mobile web design is the answer to this.  In the beginning, QR codes were placed on advertising, but actual mobile web designs were quite rare.  Users were instead directed to the original web design, which would be difficult to navigate for a smartphone user.

Links and the size of those links were often a problem when presenting a web design on a smartphone.  It was very difficult to tap a tiny link that was made to be viewed through a large monitor.  Drop down menus were another problem with this style of web design; normally you can simply hover the cursor over a link on a regular browser, however on mobile, there is no way to do this.

Web designs for mobile utilize some different elements from regular web designs.  The best way to describe how mobile web designs are different is that they minimize things a little more.  Mobile web designs still retain the base colour schemes and other aesthetics, but this style of web design will withhold on things like fold-out menus and photo galleries, which can use up expensive data quickly and that's not a good thing for your users!
Any good mobile web design will show the most important stuff on your site right at the top of the page.  Placement is a very important part of mobile web design.  It's best to know where your users will want to navigate on your website and base the priority of the links on your mobile web design on this.  Contact information should be very visible on your mobile web design if you are running a business.  In many cases, someone will come to your website just for your phone number or email to put into their smart phone.

It can be a problem is users find it difficult to navigate your website on mobile, many will wait to go on your regular web design—or they'll find a competitor's mobile web design instead.  When more and more people are using mobile phones to find what they're looking for, can you afford to lose out?