Keeping Customers with Good Web Design

web page design

The web design of your site may seem unimportant compared to its functionality or marketing. However, it has been hotly debated that the web design of your site is, in truth, the most important part of your online business. The web design you choose to use will not only attract a certain type of people, but also repel another type. When making your web design there are three main things to keep in mind; the navigability of your web design, the look of your web design, and the overall cleanliness of your web design.

The navigability of your web design is a very important factor. An easily navigable web design has the ability to transform your potential customer into a buyer, while a hard to understand web design could make a potential customer somebody else's customer. If your web design is confusing and your navigation links are difficult to find, misplaced, or broken, it will leave the visitors to your web design frustrated and lost. The most basic structure of a web design layout for an ecommerce website uses one column, usually on the left hand side of the web design, with a main section to the right and navigation at the top. The left-side column of your web design should have the links to pages you would like people to view, while at the top you should have links to the most important pages of your web design. The header navigation of your web design on your ecommerce website should contain your main logo, followed underneath by the main links of your web design underneath; links should be sorted by importance, from left to right. Then the main section of your web design can contain all of the required content for your ecommerce web site's design.

The appearance of your web design is extremely important to your customers, because if your web design appears unprofessional, it may make your business seem unprofessional. Using inviting, soft colors in your web design, among other things, will have your potential customers seeing your company as professional and friendly.

Your web design should be as plain as you need it, meaning if your web design is small and simple, leave it that way. However, if your web design needs to incorporate many aspects and features, that is alright too, just make sure your web design remains organized. For example, if your web design features many pages and categories, breadcrumbs are a great way to let your viewers know where they are within your web design. Breadcrumbs are a navigation trail that lets users see how deep the page they are on is within your web design. A rough example of breadcrumb navigation like what you would see within a web design is below.

Home > Logos > Tips > Logo Tutorial 1

The breadcrumbs above show that you started on the home page, and then went into the Logos category, then the Tips subcategory, then the Logo Tutorial 1 within that subcategory. Usually all of those would be links, so if you wanted to go to one of those pages or categories, you could click on it and go there. Techniques like breadcrumb navigation are a good way to keep your web design usable.

As you can see web design is more than just colours and graphics, a good web design can bring you customers, and then keep them coming back, while a poor web design can mean bad business for your company.

Now that you know the importance of web design it is time to find the web design company for your requirements.