Jatech Web Design

Are you looking for the best web solution that will allow you to operate your business efficiently? Are you looking for better ways of servicing your customers that you thought were never possible? Are you looking for the best web design company that will provide the best web solutions for your business?

If your business partners and customers have access to an internet connection, then Jatech can you help you bridge the gap. We have developed over 3,500 websites for different clients ranging from Small and Medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies. As experts in web development, we help our clients to find the most efficient and long term solution for the organization. Using the best technology and best practices available to us, we are ready to develop for you web apps that are built for performance and high conversion rates.

Who we are?

Jatech is a web development company with an experienced team of experts who are knowledgeable in the best practices and cutting edge technology to finally provide clients with stunning web platforms that meet their needs. We have been in business for the last 19 years developing over 3,500 websites and counting for different clients. We have met every goal our clients have tasked us to do and we have done it proudly ensuring long term client relationship.

As a team of data driven experts who have 19 years of experience, we are dedicated to solving your most demanding web challenges. We know how important your customers are to you and the changing trend in technology should not go by.

Today, mobile usage has surpassed other devices like laptops and computers by a great margin. Everyone is mobile ready and so should your website. You can increase the rate of conversion and lead generation thanks to our mobile friendly websites developed by our team.

What we can do for you?

Responsive web development

As experts with 19 years of experience, we have been able to find out that over 90% of search engine queries come from smart phones and tablets. As of 2015, Google and other search engines recommended the conversion of websites to be mobile friendly.

As the best experts with cutting technology, our team can make your website to be responsive. Users will be able to access your website easily regardless of the device they are using – laptop, mobile, smartphone, tablet and desktop.

CMS development

We know how it can be cumbersome to operate a blog and website without an easy to use backend. How are you going to post your content? How are you going to edit your content? How will you know the number of comments you have received on your blog?

Thanks to content management systems, you can be able to post, edit, delete, clone and view comments left by your customers and other online users. Our team of experts is experienced in working with CMS platforms like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento among others

Cyber security

You have read news and posts on the internet regarding a certain website having been hacked and a lot of data being stolen. As the best cyber security experts, we know the security of your website and blog is of utmost importance.

As experts with 19 years of experience in cyber security, we can harden your blog, your website and your CMS preventing hackers from gaining access to your websites. Why wake up in the morning only to find that your website has been hacked and it is inaccessible to you? You don’t have to be blacklisted by all search engines and lose customers in the end.

Stay safe with our cyber security experts.

You no longer have to spend sleepless nights worrying that hackers will gain unauthorized access to your website or you will lose customers since your website is not mobile friendly. Embrace better web development solutions, embrace Jatech.

Still in doubt about what we can do for you and your business partners? Why not call us today and our team of experts will demonstrate for you our cutting edge solutions.