Internet Marketing

When you have a web design on the internet the main goal is to generate traffic to the site and the best way to reach that goal is to use an internet marketing campaign. Internet marketing is by far one of the least expensive ways to get your website seen by millions, and with that kind of traffic internet marketing can greatly increase the overall revenue for your business. The trick to internet marketing is to utilize different internet marketing techniques together to ensure the best possible results. In some cases just 1 or 2 aspects of internet marketing can prove beneficial, but to see a large increase of traffic from people who are interested in your products, each type of internet marketing campaign provides its own benefits, and for this reason Jatech offers a variety of services for this aspect of your website and business.

With internet marketing, although you can begin a campaign on your own time with your own employees, using a professional internet marketing company is best for a few reasons. One reason to go professional is that internet marketing requires a lot of social networking connections that a professional internet marketing company will already have. Another reason, and probably the most important, is that with internet marketing there are good methods and bad methods. Using the bad methods of internet marketing, such as black hat SEO, can really hurt the reputation of a website, so a professional internet marketing company like Jatech knows to avoid these methods.

internet marketing

•   Search Engine Placement

  Submitting your website to search engines is the first step in any internet marketing campaign because out of all the traffic available on the internet, 70%-80% of it comes from search engines.

Here are some examples of Internet Marketing:

•   Search Engine Optimization

  At Jatech we have SEO specialists to take care of your search engine optimization internet marketing campaign. This internet marketing technique is used to help your website reach the first page of search engine results resulting in much more traffic.

•   Fax Broadcasting

Fax broadcasting is an internet marketing technique that works kind of like handing out flyers. We have extensive mailing lists of people in many fields that we can send your company information to, to help you get a boost in overall traffic and business.

•   Email

This internet marketing technique is very similar to fax broadcasting except this internet marketing technique send your information through email instead of fax. Even being so similar, this is still a very valuable internet marketing technique that can help you greatly increase traffic to your site.

The big thing that you must remember with internet marketing with these campaigns is that it will not only provide you an increase of traffic to your site, but will ensure that the people visiting your site from these internet marketing campaigns are looking for products, services, or information you provide, meaning the traffic will stay on your website for longer, and will be much more likely to make a purchase.