How OsCommerce Solutions Work

OsCommerce solutions online merchant is a full featured and fully customizable online ecommerce store solution that contains two important aspects of business: a catalog front-end and an administration tool back-end. Both aspects can be easily installed and used with a web-based system. OsCommerce solutions are still in the developmental stage, but they have produced many important products with unique characteristics. The characteristics of OsCommerce solutions are functional and adaptable. Under general functionality, OsCommerce solutions are compatible with all versions of PHP. In addition, all the features are enabled by default; OsCommerce solutions facilitate complete solutions "out of the box." OsCommerce solutions also have an object-oriented v3.0 back-end. One of the best features of OsCommerce solutions is multilingual support, accommodating many languages such as English, Spanish and German by default.

OsCommerce solutions are easily installed using an automatic browser-based system. The OsCommerce solutions design is a template structure that allows layout changes to be adaptive and quickly applied. OsCommerce solutions allow integration into existing systems, and OsCommerce solutions also support dynamic images. The OsCommerce solutions administration has a back-end functionality that supports a variety of products and categories. This includes a products-to-categories structure as well as a categories-to-categories structure. OsCommerce solutions also have a feature that allows addition, editing or removal categories for products, manufacturers, customers, as well as reviews. Back-end access is protected by a user name and password. This ensures that the administration area is secured with the username and password that is defined at the time of installation.

With OsCommerce solutions, it is possible to contact customers directly using email or newsletters and easily backup and restore the databases involved. With OsCommerce solutions it is also possible to print invoices and produce packaging lists from the order screen, as well as define statistics for products and customers. This is augmented by the multilingual capability. OsCommerce solutions also have multi currency support. The multilingual and multi currency features of OsCommerce solutions allow users to automatically update currency exchange rates in their own language. At the same time, it is possible for one to select what to display, and choose the order in which to display it with the OsCommerce solutions. This feature also supports static and dynamic banners with full statistics, making it one of the most flexible OsCommerce solutions.

The OsCommerce solutions customer or "front-end" functionality enables making of orders and storing them in databases to enable fast and efficient retrieval. With this feature of OsCommerce solutions, customers can now view their order histories and check their current status. Hence, customers can maintain their own accounts. OsCommerce solutions offer product and payment functionalities which are designed so that a dynamic product relationship using hypertext markup language-based product descriptions is possible. It also possible when using the OsCommerce solutions to accept numerous offline processing procedures such as cheques, money orders, and credit cards; as well as online payment methods such as PayPal,, 2CheckOut and iPayment. OsCommerce solutions provide shipping by way of enabling checking of weight, price and destination. The tax option offers flexible tax implementation procedures on a state and country basis.