History of Jatech.ca

Jatech is a web design site operating out of Toronto with over 18 years of experience in creating and implementing web designs. Our experience here at Jatech web design has our employees trained in only the most current internet technologies. We have learned at Jatech that using the newest technologies is the best way to keep current and keep our current customers happy and giving them a reason to recommend our services at Jatech to friends and family. This understanding did not happen over night though, we at Jatech have been around for over 18 years and it is that experience that has allowed us at Jatech to develop the policies and software packages that appeal to our customers.

At Jatech we also know that keeping our web design policies and software packages static is not the way Jatech has kept its reputation. It is actually our ability at Jatech to redesign our software and policies to match the needs of Jatech customers that has lead to our years of operation.


As an example, years ago when Jatech first started out, web design was a very different thing then it is today. This is because Jatech was started out in a time when web design was fairly new. In those days our web designs at Jatech where much more basic then the designs of today. A Jatech web design, just like basically any other web design, in those years would be mostly based on text links, text content, a few images, a plain menu for navigation, and Jatech designers would have done it using almost strictly the html programming language. More recently, a web design from Jatech may consist of a banner with changing imagery, a section for buying and selling products, a form for contacting support staff, and we at Jatech would do this with technologies such as css, php, html, flash, javascript, AJAX, html5, and may even have some background imagery.

As you can see from the example, Jatech has drastically changed the technologies used in Jatech web designs, although, back then, and now, we have been using the technologies and policies that were current with the times.

Not being able to adapt would have caused a tough time for Jatech in the web design industry, and is the reason some Jatech competitors have failed. The web design field is ever changing and at a quick pace, and to keep up we at Jatech have learned to adapt. Another way we have used our experience at Jatech to help our company grow is the extensive portfolio of templates that we have created. Jatech not only has to compete with professional web designers in todays web design world, but also all the template and web design software packages that have been popping up. To combat this we use Jatech past creations. At Jatech if you are looking for a web design at a cheaper cost than custom you can choose a Jatech template design. We know,  using a template from Jatech.ca would make your site too mainstream and similar to other that used Jatech right? Wrong! In our 18 years in web design at Jatech we have developed over 2000 web designs. This should allow you to customize a Jatech template design with out any worry of being too similar to someone elses from Jatech.

Jatech is already starting to sound good already. Well its not over yet. We at Jatech know that with all the selection out there, people like to test out purchases before committing their money. That works just fine. At Jatech we want you to be sure of the website you will be using for your company so we offer a 30 day free trail of our web design software. The Jatech free trial allows you to choose from a brochure or e-commerce design from Jatech. From there you will choose which look and domain you would like from Jatech and enter your contact information. Your Jatech free demo is now in action and if you like what we offer at Jatech you have the option to simply pay for the already finished site at the end of the 30 days. No muss, no fuss.

Things will keep changing and so will our web designs at Jatech but one thing that will never change is our urge to stay current and provide customers with the website of their dreams. Without our customers we are nothing at Jatech, no matter what technologies we use. This is something you must witness for yourself so contact us or visit our website for help with your next web design project.

To check out more about us and what we offer visit our site at www.jatech.ca