Fundamentals of Web Design

Web design fundamentals are recommendations on how to create a relaxed and user friendly website interface. Web design is about deciding what works for the requirements of the business perspective. There are many factors that come into play when dealing with web design like basic factors of marketing, SEO, and psychology. Being in the web design field means having to make artistic decisions for the whole company, but you do not have to do it alone. A web design can be though out by a single person but in the end the company might not approve, therefore you should be keeping the company in the loop and get feedback about the web design along the process. This way everyone will be happy in the end, making the web design a great success. Next I will be talking about what mistakes can be done in the web design field.

Web design without a meeting

Web design without a meeting first is possible, but can turn out very badly! You could be creating a web design you think the company is looking for but in the end, you could be left over with an unwanted web design. The meeting is there to help you create the web design the right way, not your way! If your goal is to design high quality logos on a professional level you must have a meeting before starting your next web design project.

Web design for yourself

Web design can become very personal and you start losing focus on the web design wanted by the client. You are not the only one who can get greedy with the web design, clients end up choosing a web design that they might thinks its the best one for the website without thinking of how their customers will react to the web design. Everyone needs to do their own research!

Web design without enough research

When doing web design for a client, understanding the client’s idea is an important aspect but that is not all the research. Take some time before beginning the web design to do some research on the company’s context of business and their primary and secondary competitors. Therefore when creating a web design you know who you are up against.

Web design with too many options

When given a web design idea by a client, they may ask you to come up with a couple designs and then they chose the one they are most attracted to. That is not a good way to have a professional web design as an outcome. You will be spending the same amount of time or even more time on creating 5 web designs as in creating 1 or 2. Keeping it simple and sticking to creating only 1 or 2 web designs will come out more successful because you have put in more time on research, details, meetings and your will be more comfortable explaining it when it comes to the client.