Five Mistakes You Should Avoid in Web Design

It is easy to make mistakes while working on a web design, something you have to keep in mind is to keep it appealing to others. Mistakes in web design are common, but just as easy to avoid if you know what to look out for. In this article we will five of the most commonly made mistakes and sometimes most annoying mistakes in web design.

Flashy Gimmicks and Music - This is one of the biggest mistakes when it comes to web design. The overabundance of gif images all over the web design or going to a website only to hear annoying embedded music that can not be turned off. Never use embedded music on your web design. But if you need to make a web design where the customer wants embedded music the make sure it is able to be turned off.

Bad Navigation - In web design consistency is golden. Having inconsistent navigation in your web design can be a nightmare for people trying to get from one page to another on your website. Chances are if a visitor can't easily make their way around your web design, they will leave and find somebody else.

Walls of Text - Huge unbroken walls of text in your web design can be a headache to look at, let alone read. When you are making your web design make sure to space up your paragraphs so that your text is a little easier on the eyes, or else like everything else in this list your visitor will move on to another site that they can deal with.

New Windows - Clicking on a link on a web design and having a new window open up is really annoying and reminiscent of pop-ups. Most users that see a new window open up will automatically assume it's a pop up and generally close it without even letting it load. Some browsers with pop up blockers will not even let the new window open sometimes so make sure when you are making links to pages in your web design that they stay in the same window.

Leaving Questions Unanswered - When you are trying to find information on a web design, nothing is more annoying than having the information you are looking for unavailable. A huge mistake in web design for businesses is not having prices listed. People automatically assume if they have to ask, it is too expensive. Not having prices listed in your web design will make people find a different website where they can see how much each products cost.

These five mistakes in web design are huge issues but can be easily avoided. Make sure you do not follow the mistakes of others when you are creating your web design, avoid these mistakes and your website should do just fine.