eCommerce & OsCommerce -- Same Stuff, Different Thing

Many businesses use websites as a way to promote their products and services, if you are considering doing this it there are different methods you could use to design and build it including ecommerce and OScommerce. It is a good idea to think about how you want your ecommerce website to function, the design you want to use and how you are hoping users will access it, then compare the methods to see which would be more suited to your needs. 

This article gives you an outline of ecommerce and OScommerce designs to help you understand the different benefits offered by both.


What Are Ecommerce Web Designs?

Instead of being produced using specific software such as OScommerce, ecommerce websites are built by designers around a specific idea or vision. They are templates and layouts designed specifically for the use of providing ecommerce websites selling products, downloads or services, generally individually tailored to cater to a particular brand or company. Without the restrictions that software such as OScommerce can cause web designers have far more freedom to create a really unique website, customised to suit that business exactly.


What Is OScommerce Software?

OScommerce software give you the ability to easily build a website by choosing from the various options loaded onto the software. This is a less expensive option than ecommerce and can safe a lot of time as they already have a system implemented, however it is also a lot more limited as you can only use what is available to you on the software.

As websites built using OScommerce are a lot less individual than an Ecommerce website you may find that it is lacking originality and a less uniform look compared to the rest of your business, you also may not be able to include all the features you had originally intended.


Why Use Ecommerce Web Designs?

Without the limitations of OScommerce software, a designer is free to create a website that is really suited to a companies requirements giving them far more opportunity to use methods that are far more effective and creative. If you want your company to have a strong corporate identity or to promote a branded image using an Ecommerce website design would allow you to incorporate that into your website helping you to effectively promote and grow your businesses reputation, this can be a powerful marketing tool.

Using an Ecommerce web design allows you to choose from a wide variety of styles, this means you can find one that is guaranteed to appeal to the customer group you are trying to attract, you can then have this customised to fit your customers needs exactly. It will also give your business a more professional image making you more likely to attract potential customers.