Easy Online Shopping Cart Tips to Grow your Business

eCommerce Website - Tips to Grow your Business
When people go to purchase a product online, they want the online shopping cart to be easy to use. If it’s not, then you can count on losing sales at that moment and in the future. At Jatech, our web design and development team has done web design for over 2,000 customers needing an ecommerce website, focusing on ease and simplicity in regards to online shopping carts.
What makes an online shopping cart easy to use?
• First of all, when a customer is viewing products on an ecommerce website, there should be a button right next to the product that they can easily click on to add the product to their online shopping cart without directing them to another page. This allows the customer to keep browsing uninterrupted.
• The online shopping cart needs to be available at any time. This means that a customer can go into their shopping cart to see what they intend to purchase, get an estimated price that includes taxes and shipping, and help them stay within their budget.
• A single-page check out is another feature on an online shopping cart that can be incorporated into your web design for easier shopping. This means that the customer can make their purchase on a single page, rather then being directed to multiple pages to complete the transaction.
• There’s a reason supermarkets have magazines and candy at the check out line; people buy last minute items. And they do it online too. When your customers are checking out, don’t forget to give one last marketing pitch to make a sale. The easiest and most efficient way via online shopping cart is to advertise other products in a visually appealing way, such as under the title, “customers who purchased this product also purchased____”.
• A good ecommerce website makes it easy for customers to update orders. Even after the transaction has been completed, the customer should be able to log in and make changes to their orders, such as adding or removing an item, changing an item’s quantity, changing a product’s color or updating shipping information. In addition, providing an option to ship to another address than the primary shipping address when the customer wants to send the item as a gift is imperative to have for any ecommerce website. All of this information should be safely stored within your ecommerce website so when customers return, they don’t have to reenter all their information into the online shopping cart.

When the online shopping cart process is easy and simple, customers will make more impulse purchases and return for more shopping. At Jatech, we design an ecommerce website that meets the expectations of the consumer and grow businesses. For a custom designed ecommerce website that follows these principals, contact our friendly, professional web development team today.