e-Commerce Website Development Project

What is an ecommerce website development project?

An ecommerce website development project is an important aspect of today's Internet. Ecommerce website development acts as a silent salesperson that never sleeps. An ecommerce website is an essential part of any business. Whatever you are selling books, tires or widgets if it can be sold online you really need and ecommerce website development team.

A database is the heart of any ecommerce website development project and is crucial for a properly functioning  site. You will be able to enter your product images, product descriptions and pricing to this database which will display this information on your ecommerce website. If required, you will be able to edit this information at a later date.

Ecommerce website development must be easy to use and hassle free in every aspect. The products have to be easy to find or be browsed through and payment processing has to absolutely reliable. This is called a payment gateway. Some examples of Payment Gateways for any ecommerce website development project are PayPal, Authorize.net, Moneris, PSIGate, and there are many, many more.

When you sign up for a Payment Gateway for your ecommerce website development project you will usually be prompted to fill out a credit application. The process is about 10 business days. There are several fees involved in the process. There is a setup fee, a monthly fee and a regular transaction charge on each purchase. There are also credit card charges as well. You should shop around to see which Payment Gateway offers the best deal for your ecommerce website development project. When first starting out, an ecommerce website development project usually starts out using PayPal basic as it is easy and quick to setup. When your ecommerce website development project starts doing over $2500 a month in sales, re-visit which payment gateway is the best value for your ecommerce website development project.

You will also need to purchase a Certificate of Authority for your ecommerce website development project. This consists of a piece of encrypted code that your Payment Gateway will check to verify that your ecommerce website development project is secure prior to processing a credit card transaction. This is created on a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) of your ecommerce website and results n a GOLD Lock being displayed in the address bar which tells shoppers that your ecommerce website is safe and secure.

What are ecommerce shopping carts?

Online business continues to boom worldwide and online/ecommerce shopping carts continues to be the most effective checkout tool when processing electronic transactions through your web design - worldwide. Our ecommerce shopping carts provide companies with the means to a profitable online storefront with online shopping carts where you can list your products with titles, description, images and prices with "Buy Now" button.

What choices do I have for ecommerce shopping carts?

Jatech has a Standard and a Deluxe ecommerce shopping cart option to choose from. Both online shopping carts are rich in features and modularity and are provided with full documentation available online and in PDF format.

What is the difference between standard ecommerce shopping carts and deluxe ecommerce shopping carts?

Click here to see which of our packages will suit your needs pertaining to online shopping carts.

What if I'm confused by all the features of ecommerce shopping carts?

Jatech sales reps are extremely knowledgeable in online shopping carts, and will work with your company to ensure that your online shopping carts are customized to meet your ecommerce website development needs.

Are ecommerce shopping carts secure?

Our online shopping carts use trusted payment gateways, which are hacker proof online shopping carts and keep your clients transactions secure and confidential. The ecommerce shopping carts have trusted names like PayPal, Authorize.net and Psigate as just a few of the payment gateways we provide for our online shopping carts.

Do you offer promotion services for my online store ?

At Jatech we always assist the customer to their target goals for hainvg a profitable website, after your store is online and ready to start sales we are ready to offer our promotional services like Fax Advertising and Search engine optimization.

Is my company ready for ecommerce shopping carts?

Below are examples of online shopping carts from our portfolio using ecommerce shopping carts.

To see which of our online shopping carts(ecommerce shopping carts) packages will suit your ecommerce shopping carts needs, please look through our selected ecommerce shopping carts (online shopping carts) portfolio below.

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