Do it Yourself Web Design

web page design

When you are choosing to build a website there are a few different methods that can be used to get the desired web design. For the most part there are two options for web design: do it yourself, or hire an experienced web design firm. Each contains a couple different paths to creating the completed web design. Each method will, of course, have its own benefits and downfalls, and that is the reason the first step is always to research the web design project you are about to dive into.

If you decide to do your web design yourself, you have three options. Using a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, installing a web design software package, or, the most complicated and time consuming of the bunch, program your web design from scratch. Now, for some people, this will not be time consuming, if they have experience in web design, but for the average person out there this method of web design should be a last resort.

The reason writing your web design from scratch is a last resort for most people is the complexity involved in the process of web design. There are so many different web design languages; HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, Flash, and AJAX to name a few. Learning how to use each web design language properly can take a very long time. There is a reason web design professionals go to school to learn the ins and outs of web design.

If you do have some experience in web design, and programming is the method you are sure you want to use for your web design then there are some things to know before you get started. Firstly, when programming your own web design you will start with deciding the layout of your web design and programming it with HTML and CSS. The layout of your web design is the base from which all the other web design aspects will build out.

The next step when building a web design is to write up all the content, and gather all the images, that will be displayed in the web design. This is not programming, obviously, but it will make the whole web design process easier when it comes time to put the pages together with code.

Once everything is gathered for your web design you will really get into the coding. This part of web design does not really have a step by step process, but each programming language does have a function. As an example, when you are coding the actual design of the web design you will be using HTML. For functionality aspects of the web design you will use PHP and maybe JavaScript. And finally for real time operations in the web design, things like AJAX will be used. The reason there is no specific process for this step in web design is because there will be a lot of jumping back and forth. Each page of the web design will have a bit of different functionality or design so the web design process will change based on the web design.

As you can see, doing web design from scratch is an in depth process. The real problem with building a web design from scratch is that you may not know the most efficient way to program something, or the current aesthetic trends. These issues could leave you with a finished web design that is useless or unprofessional which will not benefit you or your business. For the most part, the vast majority of people should avoid this method of web design, since, given all the other options, it does not make sense to do the web design yourself. Find a good web design company with knowlegde and know-how to help your make your web design a thrilling success.