Discover the Aspects of Web Design Part 2

web page design

Web design can be an arduous process but it really does not have to be. You just need to have a simple understanding of some of the aspects of web design. In the previous article, we discussed aspects of web design such as design and navigation. In this 2nd part article we will cover two more aspects of web design including the various types of websites and marketing strategy. Website Types:  When going through the web design process, you are going to have to make a choice on what type of website you want or what would best suit your company.

There are many different types of websites but the main two you should stick with are static and dynamic websites. Web design can be very different depending on the type of website you want. Static websites are ones that do not need to be changed regularly; mainly brochure websites that showcase the information you want to get across to customers. Dynamic websites are ones that are constantly having new content or new products added. If you need to make lots of changes or additions on a regular basis you do not want to have to go through web design every time, so you would want to go with a dynamic website. Choosing which type of website you want is a very important step and should be done very early on even before the web design process starts.

Marketing - SEO: During the web design process it is important to plan out marketing techniques. SEO or search engine optimization is the process of marketing your website to be indexed by the major search engines. Because this is done through aspects of code as well as content you want to plan ahead for this when going through your website development process. Of course marketing is not solely done throughout the web design process, you can always purchase advertising space on other websites or search engines, and nothing beats the quality you get from having naturally high placement in the search engines. As you can see marketing has a big role in web design, so if you are creating your website yourself, make sure you have some knowledge of this. If you have hired a website developer, make sure he or she has a solid grasp on these marketing concepts before beginning your web design, because a web design is nothing if nobody ever visits a page! 

Of course, there are more aspects of website development then this, but the aspects covered in this article and the previous web design articles are some of the most important ones. Having a firm grasp on these concepts will help your web design process go smoothly whether you are doing your website yourself or have hired somebody to do your web design for you.