Creating a Truly Unique Web Design

Making a great web design is all well and good; you can read a lot of articles about making a solid, useable web design.  But maybe you are running a niche site, where you don’t expect a ton of visitors, and so you are interested in experimenting a bit with the web design.  Consider some ideas to aid your creativity.

Nothing keeps you on a specific line like a pre-existing layout.  A web design that is different might not conform to a conventional layout.  To create a unique web design, try thinking outside the precisely-sized box.  Since you are creating a—presumably—smaller site, you do not necessarily need to make your web design accessible from a mobile browser.  Play around with how and where you place content in your web design.  Don’t be afraid to try seemingly crazy layouts with your web design.  Sometimes they just will not work, but occasionally you may find a brilliant new way of setting up your web design.

Another thing to try to stay away from when attempting to create a completely different web design is any other web design.  As with when you write an essay, or report, or whatever else depending on your stage in life, you want to avoid other “inspiration”, because you might unintentionally incorporating it.  Your web design will look a lot less special if you have worked in the web design of other sites.  If you are truly struggling, try finding inspiration for the web design elsewhere, in your city or somewhere out in nature.  Just like the people who did web design centuries ago!

To continue with a more serious idea related to doing things “old school”, think about not using a CMS when building your web design.  A CMS makes it much easier to manage content and make changes, but they place restrictions on your web design.  If you want as much freedom as possible, take the CMS out of you web design calculations.  Obviously, the main caveat here is that you must ensure that whoever will be managing the site is competent in doing so without the CMS to help them.  Assuming that is the case, you can construct your web design without a care.

Obviously, coming up with the awesome, unusual web design lies mostly on you, the designer, but—assuming you are comfortable with them—these ideas should make it much easier to think outside the box.  Loosening the limitations placed on your web design increases your creative potential.  Go crazy on you web design!