Content Management System

Content management system also CMS refers to the computer system application used in the creation, editing, management as well as publishing of content in an organized fashion. Other functions of CMS include storage of documents, articles, publications, news as well as industry related articles. It also controls and versions documents in an organized manner. Examples of content organized by CMS include audio files, visual files, Web content, graphics, electronic documents as well as computer files. Application supported by content management system includes identification of key users in addition to their content managerial roles. It also boosts the ability to assign various roles as well as responsibilities to diverse content categories. It also defines workflow tasks ideal for teamwork creation. This is often associated with messaging to alert content managers in case changes are made to the content. Content managers receive edited content with slight changes.

Other applications supported by a content management system include tracking and managing numerous content versions. It also enhances content capture through scanning. It also enhances the separation of semantic components in content and layers from content layouts. An example of this function is the ability of CMS to set and change color as well as fonts automatically. This is mainly on data in the form of text. A content management system is categorized into three domains; these include Enterprise CMS, Web CMS as well as Component CMS. Enterprise CMS concentrate on documents and contents related to an enterprise organization. The objective of this domain is the management of an organization’s formless data content depending on its location in addition to its format.  It helps one in the management of a firm or company’s documents.

The objective of the web content management system domain is simplifying the process of web content publishing. Also known as WCM, it allows creators of publications to submit their articles to sites without difficulty. With this domain in place, one requires no HTML or other technical knowledge when uploading publications. This domain is very important in the creation of blog pages because writers feed their views regarding a certain issue. Marketing websites need Web CMS domain to enable consumers to post their needs, complains as well as views on products and services. Web content management system domain has played a big role in social sites, where people communicate via chat or writing texts without necessarily understanding the technical requirements. Another domain includes the Component CMS domain also abbreviated as CCM. This domain specializes in the management of data content within documents.

It is very useful in publishing work because it manages any organizational requirements.  Through this domain, publishers are able to create or assemble publications from re-usable content sections. Contrary to ECM and WCM domains, CCM manages ordered or organized content. Upon organization, documents are transferred to WCM as well as ECM systems. Applications enhanced by content management system include web designing, search engine optimization, website hosting as well as email targeting. Creation of intranets, as well as extranets, requires CMS applications for productivity management. E-commerce applications rely on a content management system to manage, organize and publish relevant data.

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First impressions last forever. Customers see your company through your website, so its web design must look professional. if your web design site isn’t professional, visitors will assume that your company isn’t professional. With the web design experience of our staff, we can create a professional web design for you.

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A brochure web site, or informational site, is a web site designed to displays information about the person or company that owns the web site. A brochure web design does not sell products online, and is ideal for a Doctor or Lawyer for example.

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The life blood of your web design is your visitors. The website design is important, but the way to boost traffic is Internet Marketing. Jatech has a Search Engine Optimization service, which has been very successful for many web site designs. With our burning desire to succeed and a track record that proves our Internet Marketing ability with a diligent multi-pronged approach we guarantee our work and your results. Contact a Jatech Representative for more info about our Internet Marketing strategies.

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Our custom built web site brings the flexibility necessary to fit your business. Over the years, JSI has designed and built various custom web sites for many different companies. A custom built web site ranges from smaller specialty sites to huge online portals for books, music, etc. Ask our comprehensive quote for your project. Our experience will be your advantage.

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