Content Management Software

Managing your web design is fun and easy!

Jatech's Content Management Software (CMS) allows you to edit/add/remove content and pages, add/remove photos and links quickly and easily. CMS will save you time and money. We provide a tool that allows you to easily work on you site, seeing the results instantly. You are not limited in the number of pages that you can add either. You should not consider any company that doesn't provide a content management tool for your web design like ours. Just look at the features...


Content Management - Website Content Editor
User Friendly Web Based Page Editor
CSM works just like any text editor. In just seconds you will be able to create your content without the need for specialized knowledge for website development. We take care of all that. You can create, design, edit and delete pages of you site any time. With CSM, you select what you want, customize and edit it to your liking and it will be fully operational as soon as you click 'Save.'


Content Management - Website Encryption Security

256 Bit SSL Encryption
The toughest security for your website - virtually impossible to crack.   We provide FREE 256 bit security to your website.   $300 value and no renewal fees!

Content Management - Unlimited Content Pages
Unlimited Content
We make sure that you can focus on your content without any limitations. You can add as many pages, products, images, etc; as you would like to your website.

Content Management - Search Engine Optimization and SEO
Search Engine Optimization & Marketing 

Every page of your web site design is search engine friendly. But this is not enough to drive traffic to your site. There are over 12 Billion pages indexed by Google – where do you want your site to be? On the first page, of course! Jatech has staff dedicated to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We'll bring your site to the top of the first SERP (Search Engine Results Page) naturally without pay-per-click! Ask our sales rep for more information.


Content Management - Information Newsleters
Make sure everyone that visits your web site has a chance to leave their "footprint". Offer a newsletter so you can market and re-market to people interested in your products and services.

Content Management - E-Mail Marketing
E-Mail Marketing Tool
Mass e-mail your customers on a one time basis or set them up on a scheduled basis, with our powerful HTML email marketing tool. This is a great tool to generate more business in a shorter period of time, or just keep your customer base informed.

Content Management - Audio and Video
Audio & Video
Improve your site with multimedia content. Adding audio or video material to you site is as easy as using the test editor function.

Content Management - Website Content Upload
Content Upload
If you already have material set up already that you are ready to add to your site, we can help you. Upload text, spread sheets, PDF files, photos, video & audio to your site in just seconds. We offer unlimited uploads and storage on your site.

Content Management - Data Backup and Data Storage
Data Back-up
We back-up your site daily on secure servers so you won't lose any crucial information.

Content Management - Website Statistic
Website Statistic Tool
Measure your traffic and see where and how people are finding your web site. This advanced statistics tool can really help you determine how your customers are finding you and what pages they visit the most. It also tells you when they entered your site and what keywords drive the most traffic to your site.

Content Management - Link Exchange
We also provide tools to link to other sites. You can easy put together a useful page of links for your visitors.