Choosing a Professional Website Design Pt.2

This article is a continuation of Choosing a Professional Website Design Pt.1 so I highly suggest you read the previous article before reading this one.

The 3rd step is following through with the reference check of previous professional website design customers. This is quite the important step that many company owners hate going through with. Some feel uncomfortable calling up the references and having to put them on the spot about their professional website design satisfaction.

There are two options really; you can contact the references by phone or by email. A lot of people choose to email these professional website design customers because it involves less confrontation therefore they feel more comfortable. The downfall with email is that the professional website design customers might take longer than you think to answer their emails or might not even get back to you. The better option is phone call as you can get in contact with the professional website design customer directly and the end of the day it is more professional.

To ease the tension of the reference telephone call you can prepare a script for yourself for when you call the professional website design references therefore not forgetting anything. Have an introduction for yourself and ask them if they have a few minutes to ask them some questions. Here would be some ideas that you can ask the professional website design customers:

  • Are you satisfied with the professional website design? If not why?
  • Did the professional website design company meet all your goals and deadlines?
  • Has the professional website design helped your business achieve more than before?
  • Would you make any different choices knowing everything you know now?
  • Would you use the same professional website design company in the future?

The final step once you are satisfied with the professional website design company you are ready to get your project on the road. You will need to provide the professional website design company with a list of preferences such as:

  • Graphics
  • Page content
  • Colour schemas
  • List of products/services
  • A company logo or they will create one for you
  • Other small graphics
  • Payment methods
  • Existing company website (if applicable)
  • Choice of hosting
  • Deadlines
  • Milestones
  • Future meetings
  • Copyrights

It is always good to have a contract to go with the professional website design to make sure everything is legit. Also if the contract is offered by the professional website design companies make sure to read the whole document before signing it. Having a project scope is the best way to go about getting a professional website design because you can make sure everything stays on track. That should be everything you need to know about how to get a professional website design started, good luck!