Choosing a Professional Website Design Pt.1

You have your business all set up and ready to go, all you need now is a professional website design. But how do you go about choosing the right company to work on a professional website design for you. A lot of companies get cold feet when it comes to getting a professional website design. One reason is they don’t know where to look for a trustworthy web designer or once they find one they do not know what to ask. They also fear that the company would not know how to properly describe their company image to the designer.

So if you are on the market looking for a professional website design you need to know some key questions to ask the designers. You may run into great web designers but with bad work ethics and the other way around. You need to know what to ask these professional website design companies and this article will break it down into steps that will lead into my second article named “Choosing a Professional Website Design Pt.2”

The first step is about what information to hand to the professional website design company. You want to hand the professional website design company all the information possible before the interview actually happens. This can help the designers understand what your company is and its products/services. You should provide the professional website design company with a bio, background, current URL if applicable, list of goals and brief product/service description. The professional website design company will require more information but not until they are chosen to work on your project.

Second step is getting to know the professional website design company relative work experience. If you go with a local professional website design company, set up a meeting where you can talk about requirements and review their portfolio. Do have a computer with internet connection if the meeting is set for your office/home so the designer can show you previous professional website design work. If you having a interview over the phone you will for sure need a computer with internet access so he can direct you to their portfolio and other related information.

So during the interview you will be shown the previous projects the professional website design they have worked on and see if yours applies. If you are impressed with their work here are some questions you can ask them:

  • What are some ideas you guys can come up with to help me achieve my goals?
  • Tell me of a time that you ran into trouble when designing the same kind of professional website design as mine and how did you solve it?
  • How can you help me accomplish my goals for this professional website design?
  • How can you help me gain results with marking strategies?
  • Do you have any SEO marketing techniques you can offer with the professional website design?
  • Can I have three references from past clients?