Checkout Our Great Line of Online Shopping Carts

Online shopping carts are extremely popular these days and it makes perfect sense considering the amount of online businesses that are selling products and services. The problem is, with so much demand for online shopping carts, an expansion of the companies that offer online shopping carts has taken place. Sure this is not a huge problem because with online shopping carts, like anything else, it is nice to have some choice, but without knowing exactly what is featured by these online shopping carts it can be very hard to choose from the online shopping carts available. Well, to make your life easier, stop your searching through online shopping carts and get one from us at Jatech with all the features you could possibly need.

Here is what you can get with Jatech's online shopping carts:

Payment Gateways - our online shopping carts come with a variety of payment gateways including, Beanstream, PayPal, Sage Pay and many more to chose from! (20 in total)

We have Anti-Fraud Charge Back Protection for our online shopping carts can give you piece of mind by protecting you from fraudulent purchases and payment information.

One Page Checkout allowing customers to purchase items through our online shopping carts quickly without navigating many pages making sales more successful.

Points Reward System allows our online shopping carts to give reward points to customers for promotions or future purchase savings.

Purchase Without Account! No sign up needed, our online shopping carts allow customers to make purchases as a guest to the site.

Terms and Conditions on Checkout - great feature of online shopping carts to make sure the customer knows how their information will be used.

Drag n Drop Shopping Cart advanced feature first implemented by our online shopping carts. No more reason to use an add to cart button.

Change Product Quantities (one page checkout) stop customers from having to go through the online shopping carts payment process multiple times for larger quantities of items.

Click n Fly Cart has a fancy effect that when you add to cart the item flies across the page to the cart.

With all this, it is no wonder why online shopping carts from Jatech are an easy decision to make. So, if you would like to sell products and services from your business web design, or even your personal web design, contact us and we will give you a quote on cost and a time frame to implement our online shopping carts software into your web design.