Avoiding Annoying Web Design

When you have, or are creating a web design, the main goal is to entice consumers and other visitors of your web design. For this goal to be achieved for your web design one thing you do not want is for your web design to be perceived as annoying. An annoying web design, although it may attract visitors, will not keep the visitors and will definitely not turn your visitors in to clients. This is because an annoying web design will be seen as unprofessional, but also because the first instinct when a web design is annoying is to leave that website. Causing people to leave your website is not going to help you attract clients and will even in some cases send current clients running for the hills. To keep from these mistakes, and keep your web design as appealing as possible there are a few things you will want to avoid.

Some things you will want to avoid so your web design is not “annoying are:

Background music

Background music in a web design, although it may seem appealing, is one very annoying aspect to most people. This seems like it goes against the technology allowing web design to have media playback in the background but like anything else, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. The reason background music can be an annoying web design aspect is because many people will visit your web design in an environment that doesn’t appreciate music such as an office, library, or even school. Another reason background music can be annoying in a web design is because if a person visits the web design while listening to other music, the background music of the web design will end up playing over their other audio.

Huge font size

In some cases a large font size in a web design is necessary but that only truly counts for headings and titles. Using a large font size for every aspect of a web design will cause a few issues. The first issue in a web design with a large font size is professionalism. When someone uses a large font size it usually means they could not write enough to fill a space. Even if this is not the case it is how it will be perceived in your web design and will make people think your web design is unprofessional. A large font size in a web design will also force the visitor to do a lot more scrolling to read a certain piece of text in a web design and this can be seen as annoying.

Small font size

A small font size in a web design is never a good idea. When you post something on your web design you want the visitors to be able to easily read it. With a small font size in a web design you will force the visitor to zoom in or squint to see the text and that is more annoying than using a large font size. As far as font size goes with your web design you want it to be readable without being to in-your-face.

Overlapping layers

Using overlapping layers in a web design is usually meant to force a visitor to read a message. What this means is that the website will have its own pop-up type message that will be displayed over the actual website. Forcing a visitor to read a message within your web design can be seen as annoying and it is an aspect of web design to steer clear from whenever possible.

Pop-up windows

A pop-up window is likely the most annoying aspect that can be implemented in a web design. Just thing when you visit a web design how frustrating it can be with windows popping up to show ads or other website content. This is true for everyone so keeping pop-up windows out of your web design is very important.

Keeping these aspects of web design to a minimum is crucial in the success and appeal of your web design. In certain cases, background music, large and small font, and extra layer will be unavoidable but for the most part you will not need these things to publish a professional web design.