Attractive Logo's

The logo is an essential part of the custom web design for your companies image. A custom web design requires a customized logo design that can help your company receive an identity and instant recognition. The logo gets placed in the custom web design on the header of the website as a design for all the pages. Having your business noticed and remembered is about having a logo that stands out. Logo design is one of the main primary factors for custom web design because it is part of all your marketing and promotions. Custom web design logo will help your business gain credibility and with that you will be able to contend with your competitors.

Attractive logos catch the attention of the eye very quickly getting the person very interested and curious right away. Having that kind of logo on your custom web design will get people attention and interest when attending your website. Logos are not only for custom web design they can also be published on all your products, brochures, banners and on any other marketing ideas. Most custom web design websites keep simple logos because they are much easier to they eye but it can be anything from a symbol, text or picture.

Text Logo

Many custom web design websites go with a text logo because you can chose different fonts to get a feel for your kind of business. Text logos are the simplest and quickest way to get a logo up and running. Many custom web design companies use their own name in the text logo like Google and YouTube. These are direct custom web design images written in text format and added effects.

Symbol Logo

The custom web design that needs more than a text logo would require you of a symbol logo. Symbol logos must make some sort of reference to your company or your company products to get well with the custom web design. When deciding on the symbol for your logo you must keep in mind that this one image represents everything for your business and your custom web design. Custom web design websites with this logo would be Apple and McDonalds.

Combo Logo

Some companies go with a combo logo which is a combination of text and symbol to capture the companies needs. These are popular as well on the custom web design field where you have a cool symbol and your company name for everyone to remember. Example of custom web design websites for combo logos would be NBA and NFL where they have a logo and short acronym of their business name.

There are still a few more things you would consider when thinking of a logo for custom web design. You should have extensive brainstorming with members of your business before coming up with some ideas for the custom web design logo. Your logo should stay simple because if it is not simple it might scare or confuse the users that might see your custom web design. Last but not least have your custom web design logo stay within a 2 or 3 color limit for professional design sake.


logo design infographic