Add Style to Your Web Design with Style Sheets (Part 2)

css with web design part 2

There are countless advantages to using CSS in web design, and in part one of this article we covered some of the basics of what CSS is and what it does. Now let’s continue with a few more reasons why a style sheet is never a bad idea.

As mentioned before style sheets and web design come hand in hand. Think of creating CSS styles like you’re creating an encyclopedia for your website, one that describes to every last detail the design.

CSS style sheets are a way to take the information the web design holds and display it to its users in an orderly fashion. Web designers may also incorporate multiple style sheets enabling themes and customization. When using style sheets in your web design you can easily change parts of your web design without changing content.

CSS is a class based language which enables for custom styling amongst multiple pages of the same content. This will provide a consistent feel through your web design and can ensure that content is similar across the board.

When using CSS with today’s standards you are creating a better internet for all of us, and that includes our disabled viewers. Having up to date code allows for many 3rd party programs to better analyze your web design and many people rely on these programs to complete their tasks on the web efficiently. While this may not always be the most pressing matter when planning out your web design, it is a nice benefit no one can argue.

Speaking of standards, many coding languages used in web design follow varying standards for various reasons, most frequently noted being compatibility, but what other benefits does using CSS have? Well maintaining code to CSS standards will generally mean your pages will load faster and are easier to read by browsers and search engines. This makes Search Engine Optimization for your web design a lot easier and reduced loading times will make your visitors happier.

With all these advantages one must not go without noting that using CSS in your web design has arguably one disadvantage. While most browsers have no problems reading CSS and style sheet aided web design, there are a few obscure browsers that have compatibility issues. Most of these problems have workarounds and can be fixed with some trial and error, but when using CSS in your web design, be sure to check how your website looks in all browsers before going live with your new web design.

All these advantages sure seem to make CSS a wonderful innovation in the way we create a web design, and you can see why web designers around the world take advantage of this. Web design with CSS is the direction the industry is moving in and with its flexibility, consistency and rigid performance; web design becomes that much easier.