Acceptable SEO Techniques: Put on your White Hat Part 1

Getting people to visit your website can be difficult; that's what SEO techniques are for.  Having a website is kind of like having a storefront, and if nobody knows you are there, nobody is going to visit. To start getting traffic to your website there are a bunch of techniques available known as SEO techniques and they are solely meant to get your website seen on the web. One thing you must know though is that when it comes to SEO, there is good 'white hat' SEO and bad 'black hat' SEO. Today we will be talking about a few of the white hat SEO techniques that any site looking to get seen should use.

SEO Title Tag

The title tag of a website is very important to the SEO work that you will be doing. This tag, which is kind of meant for SEO, is the text that appears at the top of a browser window when you visit a web page. This piece of SEO text is the first thing a search engine sees when crawling a web page and is the first attempt your website makes at being relevant for a specific SEO keyphrase. Look at it this way, if you are using SEO techniques to rank better in search results for the term SEO then a title that contains SEO once or possibly twice is going to be considered more relevant than a webpage that does not have SEO at all.

For example: a title tag for an SEO company website could look like these:

“Supreme SEO” – Mediocre for SEO

“Supreme SEO – The White Hat SEO Experts” – Good for SEO

Other SEO Meta Tags – Keywords, Description

Other meta tags in a website that are used for SEO are the keywords tag and the description tag. In the past these were very crucial to SEO success but because of black hat SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing, the keywords tag is almost null for SEO ranking, although the description is still a widely used SEO tag. The description meta tag is the part of SEO that viewers actually get to see in your search engine results.

Alt Attributes for Images

When a search engine crawls your page they do not see it the way we do. Instead the crawler just sees text and the HTML used to make the website; no images or graphics. A good SEO technique to put relevant words in your page is to add an 'alt' attribute to pictures. This SEO technique is basically just adding a title to a picture so a picture of a star can rank well for the keyphrase "star".

XML Sitemap

This type of sitemap is crucial for SEO. An XML sitemap is a list of links on your website. In the sitemap there will be a list of every link available in your website with priority as well as dates modified. This sitemap gets submitted as part of an SEO campaign to search engines to allow them to easily index your pages. Since search engine crawlers use links to travel the web, this SEO technique gives the engine a map of where all the links are and where they go.

In the second part of this article, you can learn more about more user-visible SEO methods, including using social media and link building.

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